Independence War Stories


Title Summary
The Human Revolution Millions of years later, an ancient race of slaveowners comes to re-claim its escaped servants. The new Alliance fleet must fight harder than it ever will to fight for the freedom of Humanity
The WolfPak A retired tactical genius goes insane and wages a guerrilla war against an Alliance fleet in order to massacre an old enemy. Battle after battle, this is the famous account of Alex Steele and the WolfPak. A must read!
The Fallen A loyal Indie captain is sent out on a dangerous mission to secure a prototype vessel. But does this captain have an agenda of his own?     Written by Vesper
The Infinity Prometheus Ben Watkins returns in The Infinity Prometheus. This time he is armed with a powerful new weapon able to devastate entire worlds...and there is only one man that has a chance to stop him.    Written by Vesper
Soldiers of Fortune The first story in a possible series of a mercenary corvette. Infamous Captain Rosen leads a daring kidnapping that is more than meets the eye.      Written by Vesper
The Hidden This sequel to Soldiers of Fortune asks: What really happened at the peace conference between King and the Indies?   Written by Vesper
What if? The Independence War- Revised A "what if" story devised by Vesper and contributed by the both of us, this story tells a version of the Independence War, assuming the Dreadnaught failed to stop President King. Filled with well-written action and a wide-range of characters, this story is very interesting and entertaining. Expect a sequel :-)
Treachery of Kings- Part I Captain William de Retz commands the Eclipse, the newest version of the Dreadnaught Class corvette. A routine mission turns out to be anything but when a computer failure threatens the entire ship. This story is the first in a four story series. Written by Gareth Hall
Treachery of Kings- Part II: Survival Captain de Retz and Commander Breem crash land on a planet after an encounter with an Indie ship. The duo come across an old building that shouldn't exist, filled with long forgotten experiments. Every second, they are fighting for their survival. Second story in a four story series. Written by Vesper and Gareth Hall
Treachery of Kings- Part III: Revelations The Eclipse is part of an escort fleet for the Commonwealth's new cruiser, the Highwind. Things heat up when an Indie fleet attacks the Commonwealth vessels. But are the Indies really behind this attack, or is it someone from de Retz's past? Third story in a four story series. Written by Vesper. Concept by Gareth Hall
I-War/Babylon 5 - Circles The Commonwealth was set up after Earth was destroyed in the Earth Minbari War. However, Captain Douglas of the CNV 399 - Ark Royal makes a discovery that turns this statement of fact, upside down. Written by Phoenix. [Note: This site goes to Phoenix's Phoenix Nest, a I-War/B5 website. I suggest you visit!]

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