November 13, 2002-

   Here's a funny bit found by MajorTom, of the WhatRocks mod. It appears that our "Independence War: Edge of Chaos" is being sold in Germany under the horrendously corny name "Galaxy Commander: Edge of Chaos". Besides this notable change, the game appears to be the exact same game with both the Infogrames and Particle Systems logo on the box. Click here to view the uncanny box cover and here for the German product description.

November 10, 2002-

   Wow it's been a while! It's been a busy three months since the last update (I archived some of the news items since May), however I figured I should tell you all about the "What Rocks" multiplayer mod for I-War II. It's really an impressive project that is in its second release. If you want to add some spice to I-War II, I highly suggest checking it out.

    Additionally, while I didn't update it here at the time, my September 11 page has lots of new additions that I put up around the one-year anniversary.

April 13, 2002-

   I remember that Steve once mentioned that someone wanted to write an I-War novel. It turns out that Particle Systems employee Vincent Formosa was that person and he now works for Particle, however the novel never became a reality and probably won't due to EoCs sales figures. Being that the chances of it being finished and published are"slim," he has posted what he has online for us! It involved Jefferson Clay's early career and is quite detailed. Check it out!

January 4, 2002-

    In March of 1999 I started this website on a server. All it had were some ship concepts that we had been talking about over in the old I-War forum. The drawings were crudely done, mostly simple lines done with MSPaint (and I'm still a sucky artist). I was still somewhat new to the forums in that I had been there for a little under four months, three of those months as "Dreadnaught," the name that I registered on January 4, 1999, three years ago today. Later, I added the first community fanfic story. By the end of 1999 the site was an overdone, hideous thing with multiple sections that only looked right to computers that had low resolution like mine.

    So I re-made the site more simply and added regular news updates, which started on September 6, 1999. In these almost two and a half years, I have been updating the news regularly, the only major exceptions being two one-month trips to Europe. Hundreds of people would come during the week. It reached into the thousands during the early summer of 2001. Until a month ago, so many people came that Geocities was warning me every month that they had to cut off access to the site because it was taking up too much bandwidth. This website and this community have been a part of my life since before high school. And I don't intend to let go of all of that. However, I do not intend to make any further updates to Dreadnaught's Independence War Page.

    This last third of a year has been very harrowing period in my life. I have been in the midst of terrorism in my own city, my eyes and soul witness to scenes that I can't completely shake. I have lost two grandparents, both of them my father's parents. Consequently, I've seen my father's spirit change and deteriorate somewhat in ways I would have never imagined. I've lost two pets. A father of a friend is dead. On Christmas Eve I witnessed the last moments of a woman's life when she collapsed on the street while shopping with her daughter. Yesterday, the girlfriend of a family friend lost two of her infant sons in a fire and she remains unconcious in a hospital.

    At the same time, I have a wonderful girlfriend and great friends. But the pressures of life and my junior year have gotten the best of me and I just don't have the energy to continue with this site anymore. Also, this site is really more about the first Independence War, because I-War was more my game; I know a great many details about the game and it's workings, I can script missions for it…I just don't have that with Edge of Chaos. Not just because I don't have much time to get in to it but also because I don't have as much interest. I guess I just don't feel like pursuing another game as entirely as I did with the first I-War. Some of the community veterans might remember a thread I posted about how I-War II made me nervous, how I wasn't sure how useful I'd be to the community. And while I can provide the basic technical and mission support for EoC, this site just isn't useful anymore. While all the news now is about EoC, almost all of my site content deals with I-War. Other sites such as I-War and Nanoprobe's have surpassed me in the areas where I was once a contender.

    So, this is truly Dreadnaught's Independence War Page…just not Edge of Chaos as well. The site will remain up and, if some major I-War news comes up I suppose I'll post it. And if there are any new I-War fanfic stories, I'll be happy to post them. It will be disappointing to watch this site drop off the top listings for search engines (or has it done that already?). But the downloads and missions will still be here as well as the combat guide, stories, ship guide, and the miscellaneous section. I will still be at the forums every day, ready to talk or answer your questions. And you can always mail me with questions at

    Hence, on this January 4, 2002, three years after I joined up as "Dreadnaught", the webpage that I've had the pleasure of running will be further inactive. I am sorry to those whom I will disappoint, however there are alternatives linked to below. And feel free to drop a line, I'll still be very much a presence in the I-War community.


Some Links:

With remembrance, September 11, 2001 Nano's site with current news, discussions, and more. *Shut down due to host closing :-(* Current news, mods, and other downloads.

Buda5 I-War II Site- For the new Buda5.

Alpha's Art- Alpha's truly wonderful computer artwork.

Lone Cougar Productions- Some salvaged IWHQ content as well some of the other interesting stuff that Adam does.

The Official I-War Website- I think it's pretty self-explanatory. :-)

SoL Industries- FAMS' webpage from college, filled with interesting ideas, movie-making tips, and more. *Shut down to to host closing*

January 3, 2001-

    Those of you in the UK who watched Shackleton on Channel 4 on January 2 might be interested to know that the Scottish sailor McNish was played by Ken Drury, who played McDuff in Independence War and Defiance.

    Another recent star turn for I-War actors is Band Of Brothers which featured Corey Johnson (Dreadnaught Captain) as Major Kent and Doug Cockle (Cal Johnston) as Father John Maloney. Corey Johnson also has a role in the new movie Black Hawk Down.

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