The final posts of the Old Independence War Board


Been away from the board for some two months.
Nice to see all the activity and to find so many new members that have joined the board. This sure is a lively forum.

In reference to the thread "Opps we went over the 10,000 mark again", here is some history trivia:



Old board total posts: 14528
Current board total posts: 10077
Allowance for board resets: 12000 (who knows?)

Total Independence War posts: 36605


Yes, it's a good estimate. The number of missing posts could maybe be somewhat less.

On the old board, there are 1816 threads still accessible.
Threads number 1144 to 2933, are all there.
In the range 0001 to 1143, almost all threads are missing. There are 26 threads spread out at random numbers within this range. The oldest post still on the board is registered on November-06-1998 (by Redcell).

The number of posts displayed on the board, 14528, is probably based on the now existing number of threads, 1816. This makes about 8 posts per thread (14528/1816=8). Most threads have fewer posts than 8, but there are also quite a number of threads that have a large number of posts each that balance this, so 8 seems to be a fair figure.
The number of missing posts could probably be then about 9000 (1117*8=8936).

(Does anybody now on the board know which date I-War was made public on the old board, i.e. - what would be a good estimate for the date of the very first thread? )



For the record who DID get last post?


Well, there are three answers to this question.

1. After New Year 2000 and util the board went completely blank (in March?), the board only displayed threads containing posts registered in the year 1999.
The thread at the top of the list was created by Lt Michael Clay, and my reply in this thread, filed at 12-31-99 02:35 AM PST, just happened to be the last one!
So, mine was the last (publicly) available and readable post.

See; (ot) Tipical Chat

2. At 12-31-99 07:03 PM PST, Anonononomous created a new thread. However, this thread got caught in a Y2K bug and vanished from the thread index. So, it was not publicly displayed and could not be read directly on the board.
Its disappearance I believe was caused by the difference between PST time and real system time. Most Unix servers internally use Universal Time Code (UTC, UT, GMT). So, the server considered this post to be filed in the year 2000, which the board software couldn't handle.

See; Good bye Millennium. Goodbye board.

3. On the board front page it says that the last post was registered at 01-06-10 09:42 PM (the year 10 is one digit short for year 100, hmm Y2K). For some time after New Year, it was still possible to add a post. But when done, the post would vanish into the void. Despite my efforts trying to locate this missing post, it defies any attempt to be found. It probably doesn't exist.

Conclusion -- For the record:

Anon created the last thread and post. (And the thread has a nice appropriate title too.)


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