Independence War II opens with the orphaning of Cal Johnston by the young heir to a powerful corporation. Cals father Felix is a freelance miner, out in the Badlands. As the game opens, he is heavily in debt and increasingly ambivalent about his decision not to tell the young Cal about the legacy of his grandmother Lucrecia, a pirate of some renown. Felix decided that his son would be brought up in ignorance of this fact, as a decent and law-abiding person and that he, Felix, would earn their living legally. This courageous decision has, sadly, proven unworkable. Caleb Maas, scion of the Maas Corporation, comes to reclaim the debts that Felix owes him; in the process, Felix is killed and Caleb, although injured, survives.

    Young Cals grief and bewilderment is assuaged by the discovery of the AI construct of an old Naval captain Jefferson Clay, a stubborn but highly experienced pilot and fighter. Clay guides the child through the first part of the game, as he learns how to pilot his new craft (Lucrecias old flagship), how to operate Lucrecias old hideout, and other essential information. All goes well until Cal discovers the whereabouts of his fathers killer. Ignoring Clays warning the hot-headed young Cal tries to avenge his fathers death, an ill-fated venture which lands our hero in jail with a thirty year sentence

    We meet Cal again fifteen years later as he is breaking out of the prison complex with a small band of fellow desperadoes: Smith, the engineer with a 60%-40% metal-flesh body ratio; Jafs, the fixer who can get you anything at a price; Az, fighter-pilot extraordinaire; and Lori, fighter-pilot in training, if she can shake off her corporate past.

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