Official Words on I-War II

Stephen Robertson (Particle Systems):

There are currently four multiplayer scenarios, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Bomb Tag.

These are what we've been able to implement in the time available - remember we have a huge (and I mean REALLY huge) single player game to finish, as well as multiplayer, so we've put in as many scenarios into the multiplayer as we've had time to do.

Since the multiplayer scenarios are completely scriptable you could in theory script just about any scenario you like. It's very, very flexible. So consider the current multiplayer scenarios a base from which to build upon.


The padlock view in I-War 2 is called Tactical view, and you don't have a wire-frame - you have a full view of your ship.

There's also a behind the ship arcade style view for graphical niceness. :-)


You can use a mouse to play the game, as the control system is fully remappable, and very, very flexible. We're still optimising mouse control at this time, as it will need some tweaking to get it right.

    Antimatter shockwaves.... wait and see :-)

    We can't do streaming screenshots. A 32bit 640x480 screenshot is 901k, and a 1600x1200 shot is 5.6mb! That sort of throughput is not possible even on a very fast hard disk.

    If you use the autopilot to take you through an L-Point then you'll go into a traffic queue that'll take you safely through. You can manually capsule jump without having to queue, but you run the risk of colliding with ships that are queuing to jump.


The scripting langauge is called POG and is very C-like in its syntax. Almost everything in the game is scriptable, including a large part of the user interface. The script language is used to create packages of routines which can be exported and used by other packages. It's very flexible indeed.


Clay is on board all the time, and Smith will often travel with you. The two turret fighters are piloted by Lori and Az, your two fighter pilot comrades. The turret fighters are AI controlled because the player doesn't control them directly - they respond to the players orders.


Jafs is a coward. He won't go anywhere that's remotely hostile. If he's attacked he runs away.


Jump accelerators are huge stations that enable capsule jump drives to travel much longer distances than they are normally capable of. They sit on an L-Point and give a boost to all outgoing traffic. Two Jump accelerators ( one on each end of a capsule space route ) are needed to form an accelerated link.

Without the Jump Accelerators the Badlands cluster you fly[ing] around in I-War 2 would be effectively cut-off, as the distances are too great for normal capsule drives. They're owned by the corporations, and travel through them is very expensive, so most people are trapped in the badlands without the funds to escape the cluster.


The multiplayer in Edge Of Chaos is scriptable, so that you can program virtually any scenario you want, from simple deathmatch scenarios to complex multiplayer missions.

We're going to ship with several multiplayer scenarios, but we hope that given time, the I-War community will create more.


Joystick controls- you can completely re-define the controls (including all joystick, keyboard and mouse functons) and switch between different control sets. It is completely configurable.

David Skelton (Infogrames):

DirectX and Windows 2000 Issues- This will be the first game that takes full advantage of DirectX 8, and will have full Hardware T&L compatability. I have seen resolutions from 640x480x16 up to 1600x1200x32. If you have a top-of-the-line graphics card, you will see some amazing stuff. I-War 2 is also to be compatible with all versions of Windows 95 and above. This includes 95, 98, ME, & 2000. In fact, during the press tour, Mike Powell preferred Win2K, due to its stability.

Installation disks- The versions I played had 2 discs, one for the game and one for the movies. There were no options to install the movies, but you could manually place them in a folder in the game, and I think that worked. However, these were unencrypted beta versions. I doubt that will stay completely the same, since they are going to need to make sure that those playing the single player portion of the game actually bought the game.


There will be standard Deathmatch, team Deathmatch, CTF, and more, unique scenarios as well. The public beta will help us determine the max number of players, but I estimate 8.


I won't be around next week. I am actually going to San Francisco next week to host a press event for I-War 2. Michael Powell is flying in and we will be giving industry magazines and web sites one on one meetings with him to discuss and demo I-War 2. Hopefully this means tons of information, screenshots, etc., will be online within the next couple of weeks and on newsstands within the next couple of months.


[The demo] will be released before the game, and will be single player only. We are having two versions: an online one and one for magazines and OEM bundles. There will be two missions on each, and both versions will have different missions. The magazine one will also feature some FMV footage and in-game speech, while the online one will not. This was done in order to accomodate the large I-War following in areas where bandwidth is limited.

The multiplayer public beta (this has been a hot issue here, I see) - By now you all know that were have opened the registration for the US & Canada portion of the beta test. There is a European one in the works as well, in fact both tests may even occur simultaneously. The problem is this: In the US, Infogrames has the capability to run this kind of stress test while, in Europe, the job needs to be outsourced. The European team is working really hard to have all of this organised by the time that the multiplayer beta is ready for public testing. Since the US test is internal, we are able to have a longer registration period. So please, to everyone on the other side of the pond, don't worry. Your registration page is coming soon.

Merchandising - While we will be having giveaways and contests and stuff like that, we don't have any plans in the US to create any I-War merchandise for sale. I am sure that you will be able to purchase any merchandise that is made from the European Infogrames store. Most credit card compaines don't have a problem with currency exchanges.

More to come, don't you worry!

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