I-War 2 Final Release Reviews

Here are some reviews of the final release versions of I-War II.


Okay, now I've been playing for about 7 hours, and I've been glued to the monitor... Fabulous game, the immersion is unbelieveable.

Just one minor gripe that kinda shouts out and makes the suspension of disbelief a bit harder - the planets rotate at helluva speeds! I have visited a few of them, and c'mon, those gas giants at Hoffer's must have a day length of one minute...Slow'em down!-)

Another thing - you could have made customing the controls easier than just providing an INI file to edit. (Yes, I did go thorough the readme).

And, for some reason, after a few hours of playing, the game for some reasons drops to the Windows desktop. It's nothing extraordinary, though. One thing I noticed that I'm not sure is a bug or a feature of the dynamic universe. I've so far discovered this in one of the "minor" missions on the early parts of the game. I get a lead on cargo shipping happening at a certain lagrange point. When I first headed there, the ships appeared, no problems.

    Then, I died fighting their escorts. No probs, I though, I'll just reload from autosave and try again. Reloaded, and went to the same L-point. There was a bunch of other ships, but not the "scripted" quarry. Same thing happened no matter how many times I reloaded the game.
Then, I decided to try one final time, and I quit the whole game (back to Windows), restarted it, and reloaded - the ships were there! ...

...One more annoyance I've encountered, though I'm not sure if there's a way around it hidden somewhere in the manual. When accessing the ship's logs (where you store all the communications you receive) you can select individual messages. You can then scroll these messages using your hat. And if they are LONG (like several sentences) it takes AGES to read the whole thing again, when text scrolls from the right one character at time...

Like I said, my opinion is something of a fantastic game, but there are a few rough points in the interface that I hope will be smoothed out in a patch.

WISH: Contact list with other (and possibly combined) sort options than merely the range of other vessels. Right now when there is a mayhem of friendly, hostile, neutral and allied vessels the list is nearly useless, because they all get mixed up (list is sorted by distance). In the demo, there was supposedly 'M' key that you could use to "filter" contacts list - it doesn't seem to work anymore, and it is not even listed.
I'd like the ability to, for example, filter the list so that only hostiles are presented. And sorting categories could be by type (Loot configuration - all the cargo pods floating around are listed from the most valuable to the least, attack configuration - only hostile ships listed, planning configuration - group ships by type "Ah, there are the cargo transports, protected by three escort fighters..", etc.)
Also, the possibility to target (and list) natural objects (such as asteroids) would be nice (in original I-War, this was possible).

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