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Edge of Chaos System Requirements- System requirements for both European and non-European releases as well as some notes about compatibility with my own low-end system.

I-War II Final Release Reviews- I think the title is self explanatory. :-)

I-War 2 Demo Reviews- Here are some reviews of the I-War II demo written by fans. While I have not played the game yet to give my own review, I do encourage you to remember that it is only a demo. As it has been said, wait for the reviewers to pick it apart and then we'll see. :-)

Internet Explorer Speed Up- A great way to speed up Internet Explorer. I highly recomend!

Independence War Community Charters- Some recomended guidlines for message board conduct and clans.

I-War II Official Words- What the Independence War 2 representatives are saying to us about the upcoming game.

My Backpacking Trip- Just a summary of my freezing-cold backpacking trip in December of 2000.

Rebuttal to Buddhaholix- In response to Buddhaholix's claims about the New York senatorial elections, I have made this quick rebuttal for your viewing pleasure.

Interview with Chris Mann- an E-Mail interview conducted between myself and Chris Mann, the composer for the Independence War: Defiance and Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos soundtracks. His skill with the I-War score and other projects have made him quite a figure in the I-War community.

Dreadnaught's Photo Gallery: I scanned and put up some photos of the real me, if anyone is interested. So, if you want to take a look at the real Dreadnaught (known as in person :-), check out this gallery.

The History of Independence War: A short tale from the message board of the production history of I-War and Steve's role in it.

Records of the Old Board: Tyr was kind enough to investgate and compile these stats from the old Infogrames Board, home to the first Independence War community for over a year. He reports on the last post and thread and how the Y2K bug really screwed the old system up :-)

The King Debates: This is a series of two essay-style debates conducted between Vesper and I (so far) pertaining to the events taking place at the peace conferences in the "Division" mission. Vesper's article is first followed by my response. It is suggested that you play out the Independence War campaign and watch the Intro video carefully before reading these articles.

    + Vesper's Accusations of former President Harrison King

    + Dreadnaught's Defense of former President Harrison King

In-Depth Independence War II Information: I found this long bit of information describing the plot of Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos. This is a really great plot summary and is a must read for the upcoming game. I have highlighted key names in red.

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