Because I am too tired and have too much other stuff to do, I will present this in a simple quote-for-quote rebuttal, as opposed to an actually fluid essay. This is all based on one of  buDDhaHoLiX's columns here:

"Call me an outsider, a foreigner, but from my point of view (on the co[u]ch in front of the telly) the whole American politics system is completely rooted."

    Well, most of us Americans keep up with politics from television, although newspapers and other publications are another major source of political news. The only other way would be to sit in on congress, wouldn't it? I'm sure that you, as well as many foreigners, are exposed to only the rudiments of our political system when viewing it from television.

"There is the new New York governor, Hillary Clinton. Tell me she actually got votes because she's a good politician! She only got votes for two reasons; her husband, and her husband. Her last name is Clinton, which is synonymous with American politics as being the 42nd president, the one who frequently had conversations with other world leaders trying to make peace. The other reason is that everybody feels sorry for her, in that her husband had a great taste in choosing cigars, but not a good sense in knowing how to use one. Add those reasons to the fact that Michael J. Fox left Spin City, and that's why your New York governor is now Hillary."

    Well, first of all, the governor of my state is George E. Pataki, a Republican. Yes, I live in New York! New York City to be exact. We've been keeping up with every little bit of this senatorial campaign as if there was nothing else. It was so encompassing that national issues such as the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen and the hostilities in Israel were just as important in the senate campaign as any state-wide issues.

    Hillary was originally going to run against our own mayor, Rudy Giulliani, who is my favorite political figure. However, due to the fact that in a brief two weeks he was diagnosed with prostate cancer and decided to divorce his wife, decided to drop out of the race. Also, in his dropping-out speech, he felt that if he left his role as mayor now, he would be leaving on a bad note as pressing issues to his city were still unsolved. This left the Republican contender open, which was filled by Long Island, New York congressman Rick Lazio.

    Needless to say, Hillary won in the end. However, not because she is the wife of the president. In fact, her association with him tended to hurt both her campaign and that of Vice President Al Gore who ran for president this year. People didn't feel sorry for her at all, in fact many criticized her for maintaining a marriage that seemed to only fulfill political gains for herself and her husband. Otherwise, people didn't care who her husband was. The other major issue against her was the fact that she wasn't a New Yorker, had not spent time in New York, and really didn't know a lot about the state in the first place. The word "carpetbagger" was the word frequently used to describe her.

    In the end, however, most voters in this Democratic-majority state couldn't vote for the Republican Lazio and thus went with Hillary, who most voters from both sides believe is competent. Personally, I didn't want her because of the fact that she was from Chicago and couldn't find a job there, had never held elected office before jumping to the important senate, and finally some of her views on dairy pricing for New York dairy farmers. Nevertheless, she has won an unbelievable race against odds and I feel she will do a good job in Washington, with or without the influence of her husband. After all, she has been a lobbyist for most of her life.

    And Michael J. Fox leaving Spin City is old old old news! J


    Thank you, buDDhaHoLiX for your views which I had the pleasure of disagreeing with and for your funny columns. Keep up the work! Just research a little more, perhaps. Or not, it's funny either way.

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