Edge of Chaos System Requirements

See notes below for more information

US & Non-European Release

Recomended Specifications Minimum Specifications
AMd Athalon, Intel Pentium III or better processor AMD K6-2 350MHz or Intel Pentium II 300MHz or better processor
128+ MB RAM 64/128MB RAM
32MB+ 3D Video Card Microsoft DirectX compatible sound card
16x CD-ROM Drive 4x CD-ROM Drive
600MB Hard Disk space for installation 600MB Hard Disk space for installation
128MB Hard Disk space after installation 128MB Hard Disk space after installation
3-axis, 4 button joystick with 4 way hat switch  
28.8K modem for internet play


European Release

Miniumum Specifications
Pentium III 400 Mhz Processor or better
Windows 95 or later
DirectX8 (included with the game)
DirectX Video Card
600 MB Disk Space



    The European miniumum specs are of a somewhat higher level than those of the US release. It is my experience that the US minimum specs are acurate enough. However, I found it best to follow Stephen Robertson's advice and get plenty of RAM. I originally had 64MB of RAM but needed to upgrade to 192MB in order to get the game to work. I also had to upgrade my graphics drivers to the most recent available (May 1998, if you happen to have this same card).

    The game is running pretty well on my system as it is. There are no sound studders, the gameplay is generally smooth, and the graphics are fine once I turn down the model detail a little bit. Here are my specs:

1998 Dell Dimension V333
Intel Pentium II 333MHz processor
8MB ATI Xpert AGP 2x Video Card with Mach64 Chipset
14-inch diagonal screen
Yamaha DS-XG Direct Sound Driver
Gravis Black Hawk Digital 3-axis, 4 button joystick with 4-way hat

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