Independence War Links

The Independence War Website-The official Independence War website, made by Particle Systems. Downloads, links, movies, missions, and more! Great site!

The Defiance Website- The official Defiance website, with even more Defiance downloads, screenshots, reviews, and a lot of cool stuff. This site is great!

Independence War Headquarters Zero One (Lone Cougar Productions)- McDuff salvaged some of the old IWHQ content (some made by Brett and I, with still more by McDuff) and added a lot of great new stuff to make this new HQ. It's really great, with a wide array of ship-design graphics, resources, and infomation. Seeing McDuff's graphics is reason alone to visit this site.

IWAR2.COM -Home of the New Indies- General_H_Storm's cool site, formally Enjoy it!

Admiral Brett's I-War Database- Admiral Brett's great site, with good information on I-War gameplay and even more good information on scripting, from the simple stuff to complex orders. [UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

SoL Industries- Mad Squirrel's webpage run from college. He has many of his superb I-War movies on tap, along with his own scripted mission, and many other useful AVI and I-War tools for download.

The Stargliders I-War Website- Starglider has a really great site here, with many custom missions, some downloads, and a nice description of just what Independence War is. This site also has a survey of I-War and other space simulations. [INACTIVE]

The Starship Repulse- A nice place to download some good custom missions, one of the few original I-War sites that is still maintained. This place is constantly updated, with interviews, news, and more.

Craig Clark- A superb I-War artist who was so good that Particle Systems hired him. :-) Nanoprobe's awsome site, with downloads, links, missions, scripting help, and more! This is a really great site to go to, and it shows every time you visit! One of the cleanest, crispest pages I've ever seen.

I-War Web STC- A nice, crisp site with downloads, tactics, and other good info. A lot of work went into this site because it's great!  [INACTIVE]

Indie HQ- Indie's site, with lots of colorful lettering ;-) and some really good missions, made by expert scripter Indie. There is also a downloadable movie and a nice links page.

The Buda 5 Website- This comprehensive website is the "official" source for all news related to the Babylon 5 mod for Independence War. Check this site often and download this modification to I-War!

Chris Mann's Web Page- Chris Mann is the composer for the Independence War: Defiance and Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos soundtracks. His skill with the I-War score and other projects have made him quite a figure in the I-War community. Check out his site!

The Command Station (The CMD Station)- Technocrat's ultra-clean site with lots of tactics, downloads, info and more. This site has the awsome captains roster, with real-life info about any Dreadnaught captain who wants it to be known (and yes, I'm up there too :-) [INACTIVE]

I-War The beautiful new site, devoted to Independence War II. Check it out!

Pirate Coalition- Vespers new site, devoted to the forgotten pirates. :-) Vesper has amassed a great collection of stories, mostly written by herself into an impressive story archive. Did I mention she has cool buttons for the stories? Well, they are :-D [INACTIVE]

Pablo Luna's 3D Art Page- A joint venture of Pablo Luna- the artist behind the missile frigate, and AlphaRomeo, this site features some killer origional graphics by Pablo! Check some of these out, as they are really cool!

The Fleet of Glory- The first clan page for the Edge of Chaos. Nice, simple design. I look forward to when the game comes out and the site expands!

Blue Frontier- Duffy's I-War/I-War II website.

SimonDR's Freewire- SimonDr, the acclaimed chief modeler for Buda5 also has his own webpage. This site features a neat tutorial about how to texture with I-War models, something which I'm sure plenty have been awaiting for a long time. In addition, all of the Buda5 models he has done are featured on this page, with some other 3D renderings.

Game Profiles- A site where gamers can chat, get news, and even re-unite! :-)

The Defiant Mod Page- Several members of the I-War Community and I have collaberated to make the first Independence War mod that features the player flying the Defiant-class vessel. Check this page for screenshots, new models, and more. [INACTIVE]

The Infogrames Message Forum- The Independence War part is where I visit most on the web, so you can talk to me here. There are lots, and I mean lots, of other cool people who post here, so you can talk to them. Almost all of the owners of the websites listed above post on the message board.

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