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WEP: Weaponry Workstation Overview

The WEP Workstation

The WEP workstation allows more advanced weapons access to the ships weapons, and includes modes not available on other workstations.

WEP: Main View

The main view HUD is essentially the same as the NAV workstation, except its main screen shows a rotating 360 exterior view of local space, with a wireframe view of the ship in the center.

The view normally points at your current contact (this type of view is called a padlock view). Every time you select a different target the view will re-center on the new target. As the ship’s hull takes damage the wireframe will change color, with red showing an imminent hull breach.

WEP: Weapon Indicators

At the bottom of the screen are two indicators. The one on the left shows the current weapon selected, and the one on the right shows the power or number of missiles remaining. Above these are two green bars. The left shows the damage status of the weapon, the one on the right the reload status.


At the top right of the screen is the ORB view. This is the same as described in the NAV workstation overview.

WEP: Contacts registry

Underneath the orb is the contacts registry. This is the same as the NAV contacts registry, except that the contacts are sorted by threat, and not range.

WEP: Track Button

The track button at the bottom of the screen is used to switch between padlocked or track view, and a locked forward view similar to the NAV view. This allows you to fly the ship as in NAV but with access to the advanced functions of the WEP workstation. You can use the Right-shift key as a shortcut.

WEP: Normal/Ripple Button

This button allows you to switch from normal targeting to ripple fire mode. Ripple fire cycles through each enemy target in turn each time a shot or missile is fired. In this way you can damage a whole swarm of enemies very quickly. Especially effective when using missiles against fighters.

You can use F as a shortcut for Ripple Fire mode.

Note: Ripple fire is not available in Arcade mode.

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