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Introduction to Independence War Deluxe Edition
New Features for the Defiance Campaign
Demo PC requirements
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Quick Start

Running the Game

Please see the Requirements page before running the game.

Click on the IWDEDefiance executable to view the start-up menu.

You can choose from one of three video modes:

  • Software mode
  • 3Dfx (640x480)
  • 3Dfx (800x600)

Note: Please ensure you choose the correct option for your hardware or the game may not work properly.

There are two gameplay modes:

  • Arcade
  • Simulation

Simulation is the default original flight mode. We recommend that you play in this mode.

Arcade mode is designed for easier (but much less realistic) flight control, and has several differences from Simulation mode. It has less inertia when you turn, the weapons are three times more powerful, and damage is limited so your systems never fully go off-line.

Arcade mode also has some disadvantages: There's a manual thruster override limit of 2000m/s (See NAV Workstation Guide), and ripple fire mode is not available (See WEP Workstation guide).


Click on the Help button to show this guide.

The Visit Website button will load your web browser and display the Independence War website, where you can view the latest information for Independence War.

Click on the Visit Message Board button to load your browser and visit the Independence War Message Board, where you can discuss anything related to Independence War, including this game with other users.

When you're happy with your selection click on the Play Mission button.


Playing the Game

We recommend you play the game using a good quality joystick, preferably one with a throttle control and a 'hat' switch. though you can play the game entirely using the keyboard if you wish.

The buttons and controls on the game's four workstations can be operated with the mouse, but there are keyboard shortcuts for most functions.

When you start a mission you'll see a briefing. Study the briefing carefully to learn your mission objectives. When the briefing is finished you can select your weapon loadout. Click on the loadout you wish to use, then press F2 to go to the NAV workstation.

We recommend you use the NAV workstation for the majority of navigation and combat (See NAV Workstation Guide).


Quick guide
To fire your weapons use SPACE or Joystick button 1.

To switch weapons use ENTER and BACKSPACE or Joystick buttons 2 & 3

To target the ship nearest the center of the screen press T or Joystick button 2.

Use + and - or the joystick throttle to set your speed, or press A or Z to boost forward and reverse thrust.

Enemies are shown as RED in the head-up display and other instruments, friendly ships show up as BLUE, and neutral ships as GREEN.

Press R to target your nearest enemy.

TAB switches between normal and full screen mode.

Frequently Used Keys

To get you started here's a selection of the most commonly used keys. For a complete guide click here.


Workstation Shortcuts:
CMD - Captain's Workstation F1
NAV - Navigator's Workstation F2
WEP - Gunner's Workstation F3
ENG - Engineer's Workstation F4

Move Up/Down/Left/Right Joystick / Cursor Keys
Increase/Decrease Speed Joystick Throttle / + / -
Roll Left/Right Joystick Rudder / END / PGDN
Full forward thrust A
Full reverse thrust Z
LDS Drive toggle L
Autopilot HALT F5
Autopilot APPROACH F6
Autopilot DOCK F8
Cycle Contact filter M

Fire Selected Weapon Joystick Button 1 / SPACE
Target object near
center of screen
Joystick Button 2 / T
Select/cycle PBC
(Plasma Beam) modes
Joystick Button 3 / ENTER
Select/cycle missile modes Joystick Button 4 / BACKSPACE
Launch missile decoy flare DEL
Quit Game SHIFT + Q
Pause P (Also displays key guide)

Note: You can use the joystick hat switch (if you have one) for targeting:
Previous Contact HAT Up
Next Contact HAT Down
Target Current Contact HAT Right
Cycle Contact Filter HAT Left

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