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Your  Mission

You are Edison Hayes, the Captain of the Spartacus, a corvette class starship. Your vessel is part of the Independent Fleet (or Indies), which is waging a war of independence against the Commonwealth.

The Indies are desperately short of ships. In a bold maneuver, Indie High Command has sent you and two wingmen on a raid to steal a Navy Cruiser from lightly defended Commercial Spacedock.

Opportunities like this are exceedingly rare. However, things are never as simple as they first seem...


Key Guide

A key summary is displayed in the game when you pause it (press P), but to view a guide now click here.



There are four workstations, accessed by pressing the shortcut keys F1 – F4. Click on the titles below to get a detailed explanation. We’ll be giving most detail on the NAV view in this guide, as this is the most general purpose workstation of the ship.

CMD – (Command Workstation) – F1

Used by the Captain to read briefings, documents, study the starmaps and remote-pilot other ships. This is the default view whenever you start a mission.

NAV – (Navigator Workstation) – F2

Used by the navigator to pilot the ship and perform basic dogfighting.

WEP – (Weaponry Workstation) – F3

Used by the gunner to perform advanced tactical and combat maneuvers.

ENG – (Engineering Workstation) – F4

Used by the engineer to review and prioritize repairs.


Game options

Pressing SHIFT + O during the game will bring up a list of options. Some have slider bars, others are on/off toggles and others allow you to select between several features.


Brightness (Slider) Alters the game's brightness (Software only)
Ambient Light (Slider) Alters the amount of background lighting.
Background Nebula (On/Off) Switches on/off the nebula graphics.
Animated 3D closeups (On/Off) Turns off the small moving 3D images of spaceships that you get during radio calls.
Detail cut-off point (Slider) Adjusts the distance where more detailed models appear
Radio chatter (On/Off) Turns on/off the background radio chatter.
Control type (Joystick / Keyboard) Turns on or off joystick control
Joystick second axis (Yaw/Roll) Allows you to switch joystick control between Yaw / Roll
Joystick hat (Contact / Lateral / View) Lets you select the function of the joystick hat.
Starfield Blur (On / Off) Turns on or off the 'streaky' stars.
Missile Trails (On / Off) Turns on or off the missile smoke trails (3Dfx only)
HiDef Shapes (On / Off) Turns On / Off the High-definition ships (3Dfx only).
Note: You will have to quit the game and restart it for this option to take effect.
Proximity Alert Turns On / Off the audible proximity alert.

Hints and Tips

Click here to view some general and mission specific hints and tips.


Maximizing Performance

To get the best out of the game, here are some tips for maximizing the game's performance on slower machines:

  • Adjust the detail cut-off point slider in the options. The further to the left the better the performance.
  • 3Dfx Mode: Play in full screen mode (press TAB)
  • 3Dfx Mode: Turn OFF starfield blur
  • 3Dfx Mode: Turn OFF HiDef Shapes
  • Software More: Don't use full screen mode.
  • Make sure that no other programs are running.

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