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Introduction to Independence War
Deluxe Edition

INDEPENDENCE WAR DELUXE EDITION a new, updated version of the award winning Independence War.

Independence War Deluxe Edition is a space simulator title. We’ve endeavored to make this program as realistic and as playable as possible.


It is the Year 2268, and a guerilla war is waging between the Earth based Commonwealth, and the Independence Movement  or Indies, located in the outlying colonies of the Commonwealth. The Indies want to break free from Commonwealth control, but the Commonwealth needs the outlying colonies to support an overpopulated and polluted Earth.

In the Dreadnaught campaign, a Young Commonwealth Navy officer salvages a famous ship - The Dreadnaught - and awakens the personality construct of the ship's dead captain, Jefferson Clay.

Under Clay's watchful eye, the Officer embarks on a series of missions which take him deeper into the conflict, where he realizes that the war isn't a simple case of black and white.

In the Defiance Campaign, an Indie captain, Edison Hayes, and his crew fly their newly captured ship the Spartacus in increasingly dangerous hit-and-run missions against the Commonwealth Navy. But events take an unexpected turn and Edison finds himself fighting the primal causes of the war.



Here's a summary of the main game features:

  • Use any of four bridge stations - Commander, Navigator, Gunner or Engineer.
  • Uncompromisingly realistic simulation, using real physics but still amazingly playable.
  • Use combat skills, puzzle solving, imagination, and bravery to play through nearly 60 handcrafted and gameplay-honed missions.
  • Play from both sides of the conflict: The Commonwealth and The Indies.
  • Missions illustrated and enhanced by movie-quality cinematic sequences.
  • Non-player ships have sophisticated artificial intelligence systems. They can:
  1. follow general orders
  2. group in formation to achieve the best tactical configuration
  3. react to unforeseen events
  4. retreat in order to repair and regroup if required
  5. take advantage of opportunities
  6. dock to complex moving targets


The ship and its systems are based on future technology, this has been extrapolated from present day development and thinking on the future of space travel.

Control of the player's ship is achieved by a fly-by-wire system which makes Newtonian-based space combat and maneuvering as easy as dogfighting in an aircraft.

The player's ship is modeled in exacting detail. 34 separate systems are simulated in real-time.

The systems interact with each other. Damage in one system will affect systems further down the chain. Player can adjust system parameters to affect entire ship's performance.


  • Real-time light-sourced 3D graphics of the highest quality
  • Fast, smooth frame rate even on relatively low-spec machines.
  • Specularity mapping
  • Multiple light sources
  • Texture mapped planets - both real astronomical maps and fractally generated
  • Pre-rendered movie sequences comparable with the best that Hollywood science fiction can offer

3Dfx specifics:

  • High detail ships and space stations
  • Crisp, clear, 16bit color visuals
  • Adjustable dynamic and ambient lighting
  • Spectacular explosions
  • Beautiful nebula effects
  • Missile smoke trails
  • Main thruster and attitude thruster exhaust effects
  • Shield impact visuals
  • Perspective correct texture mapping
  • Bi-linear filtering
  • Transparency and additive effects
  • Voodoo2 specific 800x600 mode


  • Real-time 3D sound to provide player with audible cues to aid in combat and navigation
  • Fully spoken dialogue during the game and in briefings



New for the Deluxe Edition is an entirely new campaign: Defiance.

The Defiance campaign has many new features and enhancements, including:

  • Eighteen new missions
  • Play from the Indie side of the conflict
  • New characters
  • In-mission save points
  • Selectable weapon loadout
  • Sniper zoom mode
  • Auto-defense mode
  • Rotating turrets on capital ships
  • New ships and stations
  • Many other improvements and new features

For details of the new features and how they affect gameplay, read the NEW FEATURES section.


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