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Introduction to Independence War Deluxe Edition
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Hints and Tips

General hints

Classic Cannon Assault
The Particle Beam Cannon (PBC) is the most important weapon in the Independence War arsenal.

Fly like a master. Use the stick in your right hand and keep your left hand on the A and Z keys to control forward and reverse speeds.

Get close to your target: The cannon does much more damage at close range.

Maneuver into his six: Most ships have a shield-weakness over the main engine ports. Exploit it!

Use the auto-aim cannon to weaken the target. If the target becomes damaged it will be easier to hit, switch to rapid-fire cannon mode and move in close to finish him off quickly.

Remember Two-On-One! Shields can only protect against one attack at a time. Attack in concert with your wingmen to cut through a hostile vessel's shields.

Missile Combat
Using missiles wisely can improve your chance of survival.

When faced with multiple targets use ripple fire mode to soften them up. Two missiles per target will probably weaken them enough.

In most cases, use missiles sparingly, you only have a finite supply.

If your ship becomes heavily damaged, you may lose thrusters, you may lose cannon, but the missile-system should still work! If this happens you should still be able to defend yourself while repairs take place. Use the contacts list to designate targets and launch missiles at the nearest hostiles.


Mission Hints

Warning: contains spoilers!

  1. Choose your weapon loadout carefully. The assault loadout gives you more powerful weapons, but you have far fewer seekers.
  2. Use your wingmen when they are available. For details of how to order your wingmen see the keyguide.
  3. Get clear of the gunstars as soon as possible upon entering the Proxima Centauri system.
  4. There are three different ways to complete the mission. If one way is too difficult try another.
  5. The gunstars have a weakspot. Try subtargeting a gunstar to reveal it.
  6. Don't underestimate the usefulness of Zoom mode. Using it you can subtarget vessels at extreme weapon ranges.
  7. Stay near the Cruiser once its weapons are on-line. It can give you overwhelming fire support if it comes under severe attack.
  8. The cruiser is most vulnerable when close to the jump point  - it's in danger of collision from incoming Navy ships.
  9. A single remote missile can take out a whole group of enemy vessels, if they are flying close together.

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