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ENG: Engineering Workstation Overview

The Engineering or ENG workstation allows you to see your exact damage status, and prioritize repairs to damaged systems.

ENG: Repair teams

There are four repair teams, represented by the four boxes at the top of the screen. Each team can repair one component at a time.

ENG: System View

The main view on the ENG Workstation is a wireframe representation of the ship and its systems. There’s a list of systems overlaid on the wireframe graphic. Clicking on each system will display a close up of the system. When systems are damaged they will be shown in yellow for medium damage, and red for off-line. Off-line systems will severely affect the performance of the ship.

Note: in Arcade mode systems never go completely off-line, even though they show up red. This means you never lose control of the ship or weapons. However you can still be severely damaged and blown up!

ENG: Selected component Status

In the bottom of the screen is the selected component status. The largest box is a moving graph of output. The next box is the temperature, and the last is the repair status.

ENG: Status Display

In the top right of the screen is the status display, these has four bars:

T: Temperature Heat build up (Low is good, high is bad)
R: Reactor Current power output
F: Fuel Amount of fuel in the ship.
Note: For gameplay reasons fuel is infinite.
H: Hull Hull integrity. 100% (a full bar) is good.

ENG: Repairing systems

Normally your engineer will automatically assign teams to repair damaged systems. However you can manually assign a team by using the mouse to drag a system name into their box. They will stop what they’re doing and start repairing the system you selected. Or you can use the cursor keys and keys 1-4 to assign teams 1-4 to different systems.

Note: more than one team may repair a system. The more teams you have repairing a system the faster it will be repaired.

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