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Command Workstation Overview

The CMD Workstation

The Command workstation is the first screen you see when you start a mission.

This specialized workstation can be used for combat, but is best suited for command functions such as briefings, reading objectives, and viewing the Global Space View (Star map)

CMD: Main display

The main display is a forward view. See the NAV Workstation overview for details of the head-up display (HUD).

CMD: Contacts and MFD

Bottom right is a multi-function display. Depending on the function you’ve selected this will display a contact list or dialogue. For details of the contact list see the NAV Workstation overview.

CMD: GSV controls

Bottom left is another box. This box is normally empty, but when GSV is selected shows controls for the Global Space View. See GSV for details.

To the right of the main display are five buttons, selectable using the mouse:

CMD: DOC (Ship’s documentation)

Click this to read the ship’s documentation. You can access profiles on the crew, ship statistics, and other details.

CMD: BRF (Mission briefing)

Select this to show the current mission briefing. The briefing is  automatically displayed when you start a mission.

CMD: OBJ (Current objectives)

When selected this shows the current objectives. Your next objective is shown with a flashing square next to it. Any incomplete objectives are shown in yellow, completed in green, and failed in red.

Note: a failed objective doesn’t always result in mission failure. You can review your next objective in the game by pressing X.

CMD: GSV (Global Space View)

Click this to display a star map in the main view showing your location.

When selected the small display underneath the main view will display controls, which allow you to switch from stellar to solar system view, toggle on/off different features and zoom in and out.

When in system view you can click on different planets or moons to center the view around that point.

CMD: ARM (Armaments display)

Click this button to view your current weapons loadout and ammo status. You may also change your PBC firing arcs using this screen. See New Features for more details.

CMD: REM (Remote Log-On)

All ships have an emergency remote-link protocol which allows them to be remote piloted in an emergency; for instance if the crew is incapacitated.

When you select a target and click on this button you will enter a remote-link mode, where you can control the ship as if you were sitting in its cockpit. Your display will change to a full screen HUD, showing the view out of the front of the remote ship.

Of course there are safeguards that prevent the unauthorized use of remote-log on, so most ships won’t accept your remote-link signal.

If you press escape or one of the bridge shortcut keys the remote link is broken and control is returned to your ship.

While in remote-link mode the ship will stay in one place and defend itself automatically from enemy attack. See New Features for details.

You can use SHIFT-R as a keyboard shortcut for remote link.

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