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Stock.scr- A project of Admiral Brett, this script can be inserted in place of your old Stock.scr in the "\psg\resource\scripts\init. As a result, the I-War universe around you will be changed such as different ships released by Saltlake, new stations in some of the systems, and a few cool surprises in other star systems!

Space-Sim Interview Transcript- This is a transcript of an ICQ conversation between programmers of several Space Sims and the gamers, who posed questions. Steve Robertson of Particle Systems was here for this one too!

Independence War 44 MB Downloadable Demo (Via Gigex, 85 KB)

Independence War 22 MB Downloadable Demo (Via Gigex, 85 KB)

Independence War 640 x 480 Desktop Theme (680 KB)

Independence War 1024 x 768 Desktop Theme (1.6 MB)

Original Independence War AVI Preview (11 MB)

Original Independence War Mini-AVI Preview (1.3 MB)

Independence War Deluxe Edition Demo- This 60MB demo is big, but well worth it!

Independence War Deluxe Edition Video Trailer- 30MB MPEG download. It is visually stunning, with superb music. A true artist was behind this one.

Defiance Music- The place to download all the Defiance Music, which is a superb theme by Chris Mann I might add.

Smacker and Bink Video Tools- The site where you can download the Smacker and Bink video tools to view the I-War mission cutscenes and many other videos. With these tools, you can also make your very own movies!

Independence War/I-War Mission DevKit- As you may have already realized, Independence War does not run on a single , but on many files read by the game executable. Missions themselves are run from scripts, scripted by Particle Systems. Well, if you download the Mission DevKit, you can script your own missions!

The DevKit is an 85 KB download that comes with the Independence War Scripting Reference Guide and the Deslabber program to give you access to the game files. All you need to already have is a text editor such as notepad. While the Scripting Language is simple, some experience in C, C++, BASIC, or Pascal is useful.

If you have any questions about mission scripting or any other I-War questions, you can ask anyone at the Independence War Message Board

Independence War Defiance Mission Scripting Template- This template was made by Admiral Brett, and I have tested it to be working and functional. There is one objective already set-up by the good Admiral, and that is to jump to Alpha Centauri.

  This template has one known bug: when you first run the script, you see no stars or ships. You need to push SHIFT + Q, and then escape to return to the game. Once you return to the game, you will be able to see normally.

Independence War Defiance Q-Ship- We all know of the WolfPak and Thunderchild. However, the Defiance mission "Misdirection" uses a QShip, which is the first time any armed freighter has been involved in the actual campaign.

  Not being able to extract the QShip from the mission script for some reason, I decided to make my own. The right and left sides of the freighter have Gattling guns that will automatically fire on any Navy or COSA ships if they so happen to be in range. There are also four PBC HEV mounts that I have left as visible contacts. You can REM these turrets and control them fairly well.

    The ship is well-suited for combat, but as in the mission, the pods are the weak spot. Be careful that not to many are destroyed in combat! Also, the Gattling guns will only fire if the right of left quarters are directly facing an enemy. I really like this script! I hope I will see some good custom missions come from this.

The Q-Ship Grundig Majestic:

The Grundig Majestic


Defiance Screensaver- This screensaver is in a shockwave exe format, and isn't really a screensaver at all, but rather a media presentation of I-War. It's fun to watch, and would make a good screensaver if it actually was what Infogrames says it is. This is a 220 kb download.

Entropy's Custom Mission Launcher- This is a great program made by "Entropy" to run custom I-War missions. Simply tell the program where your I-War game is, and it will find the mission directory and any script you have put there. From there, you can select different options and then run the mission without having to deal with the command line! I believe Particle Systems themselves used this program to test Defiance missions, so it's well worth the 1.3 mb download.

Indie's Ship Creator- Indies cool utility that is quite useful for scripters. The utility enables you to select a type of ship and several options along with it. It also gives you the models to load, so all you have to do is copy and paste what the program tells you to! This download is only 22 kb, so it's worth it.

Defiance Action Theme- Many people have wanted to have that action theme that we all heard in the Defiance Trailer, but have been unable to get it from the movie file. Well, I managed to use some less direct techniques to get the music. The music is a 38 second-long MP3 file, and includes the short bit of score that leads up to the "action theme". This is a 412 KB zipped MP3, a little large-yes, but this is a great theme!

Gamespot I-War II Article Scan- Mr. McDuff was kind enough to scan this article and upload it. Special thanks to McDuff! Sorry about the size (200 kb), but it couldn't be compressed lest the article be unreadable.

Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos Action Theme- This is what I consider to be the climax of the music featured in the 30MB Quicktime trailer for Independence War II. It's a 56 second long MP3 file that contains this really great theme that is part of the music used in I-War II. This is a 614 kb zipped MP3.

NanoScripter- Nanoprobe's multi-functioned scripting utility, he describes the program is capible of "syntax highlighting, it launches Independence War for you, and it can store bits of code so you don't have to keep switching between windows. You can get a working script up and running in seconds! And sometimes you can even get it to make coffee for you."

    Well, if it can make coffee...scripters should check this out!

Independence War II Interactive Slideshow: A while back, I decided to compile some Independence War II screenshots into an interactive slideshow. I finished the project, but never released it. However, at the urgings of Stone and other Infogrames board members, I have decided to release it! The files are processed through a program I found that will show the screenshots I have chosen and display a caption under them. I feel that these shots are good examples of what to see in Independence War II. This file is a 1.8 MB Zip file.

Independence War Full Key List- A keylist for those who do not have a keyboard overlay or need something akin to one.

I-War PBCXL Script- A script and ship file for trying out a Dreadnaught corvette with the PBCXL.

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