Custom Missions

Click on any of these missions or files to download them. I haven't made a description for each custom mission, however you can find out about them from their maker's sites.


Chaos 1- Scripted by Indie, 10 Kb

Chaos 2- Scripted by Indie, 10 Kb

Chaos 3- Scripted by Indie, 14 Kb

Indie 1- Scripted by Indie, 6 Kb

Indie 2- Scripted by Indie, 27 Kb

Indie 3- Scripted by Indie, 26 Kb

Indie 5- Scripted by Indie, 33 Kb (Indie 4 was never released)

Spectre 1- Fly an experimental Patcom in a test mission. Scripted by Admiral Brett, 11 Kb

Spectre 2- Use the experimental Spectre ship against an Indie Base. Scripted by Admiral Brett, 10 Kb

Phoenix 1- First part of a 4 part campaign. Take part in an Indie raid on a Navy station. Includes custom textures and crew guide. Scripted by Admiral Brett, 40Kb

Phoenix 2- A free-roaming mission. Investigate Navy activity in the NDS A system. Scripted by Admiral Brett, 17 Kb

Phoenix 3- Capture a Navy Cruiser. Scripted by Admiral Brett, 17 Kb

Phoenix 4- Patrol the Inchides system and defend the Indie cruiser 'Insubordination'. Scripted by Admiral Brett, 17 Kb (I chose the name "Insubordination" for Brett!)

Asteroids- Defend the earth from impact by asteroids. Scripted by Nanoprobe, 4 kb

Deep Space Infinite Battle- A variant on the Instant Action mission: Defend yourself against waves of Indie Ships. Scripted by Nanoprobe, 5 kb.

Space Battle- A non interactive mission, with a large battle. Scripted by Mad Squirrel, 6 kb.

Rejected Offerings- Defend the Ross Gateway from attack using the awesome TacNuke! Scripted by SpooRancher, 15 kb.

Sans Dreadnaught- Sit there and watch the action - a never ending space-battle, based on the instant action mission. Scripted by Nanoprobe, 3 kb.

Plane- I made this mission myself to run with the Defiance game engine. The Plot? As your first assigment, you are ordered to fly on a patrol with the new Navy carrier "Eisen". But, the Indies will do anything they can to knock you down...

Eato 1, Eato 3, Eato4- An interesting series of missions by a Mr. Eato. While I disagree with his plot ideas (COSA is featured as a peacekeeping force), they are interesting missions.

The Proposal- Another mission by Mr. Eato. In this mission, you are a commonwhelth spy. What we always wanted! Enjoy!

The Demon- Another mission by Mr. Eato (AKA Greb). No description available as yet. 30KB download, with included custom texture.

Cosa Mission 1: Take Back What You Give- My first full-length mission, all made in one bored day! So, here it is. It's about COSA stealing their own product- an astroid miner they sold to the Navy. Download and enjoy! Feel free to E-Mail me if you have any questions.

Cosa Mission 2: Peeping COSA- The captain of the "19703", still with malfunctioning computer systems, must travel to Delta Pavonis and watch the testing of a new navy ship. But as the tests go on, the crew realizes that COSA's primary source of money-the Indies- maybe be on the verge of destruction.

Note: Requires Defiance Campaign

Cosa Mission 3: Destroyer Escort- The name is self-explanatory, but make sure that you escort COSA's newest destroyer- disabled with an engine problem- back to base. But stay out of trouble! As an added bonus, the player is given the chance to take a look around the COSA construction system and watch the progress of the building of the Fighter Carrier!

Note: Requires Defiance Campaign 

Cosa Mission 4: REPO Men- In the final mission in the 19703 epic, President King has not paid for the secret, personal fleet he ordered. It's your job to lead an attack to reposes the three cruisers he is in debt of. However, a sudden turn of events thrusts you right into the middle of the final day of COSA, fraught with disaster and fierce fighting. This is the end of COSA and you must defend your life and your allegiance. This is my longest and best mission so far, so I ask that you send questions or comments to This mission has a Smacker file included, which makes it a rather large 850k download, so sorry about that.

Note: Requires Defiance Campaign

I-War Gaiden- These missions, made by Twohours, are a superb Navy campaign. Try these out, they are very original! (51 kb)

Trinadyne- McDuff's first mission involving cooperations, hospital ships, and a whale of an impact to your ship. Submitted for the I-War competition, McDuff's only mission to date has the quality needed to make it in the wide world of competitive I-War scripting. :-) This is an 11 kb download.

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