Old News- September 2001

September 30, 2001-

   The Jafs mod should have been out by now, I suppose that it (and the F14 patch) are slightly delayed. It should be out soon, though. I'll keep you appraised, of course.

September 27, 2001-

   Congrats to Particle Systems and Chris Mann, whose superb soundtrack for Edge of Chaos has been nominated for a BAFTA Interactive Enterainment Award! BAFTA stands for British Academy of Film and Television Arts, for those of us who don't know. You can check out the Interactive Entertainment Awards for yourself as well as view the award nominees.

    I did an interview of Chris Mann last summer, which you can read by going to the Misc. Section or by clicking here.

September 25, 2001-

    Thanks to StarrWolf who has found a very interesting thing with Jafs. It's a slight spoiler, so if you are still baby-Cal in Edge of Chaos, I recommend that you not read this spoiler. If you do want to read the spoiler, simply highlight the orange bit below:

    As little Cal, if you go raid some cargo ships successfully, you can tag the pods. Furthermore, if you push the J shortcut key, Jafs will come as normal in his vessel and pick up the pods! Isn't that funny? Thanks again for finding it, StarrWolf!

September 23, 2001-

   Bearwolf has made an upgrade to his Destroyer Mod, available here. It should be noted that there was some confusion about which ship he was making available, so the ship you can fly is actually the new EoC Destroyer, not the Bastille. But that doesn't make it any less cool! :-)

September 21, 2001-

   New community member bearwolf has made a new mod in which you can play EoC in the old Bastille class destroyer. He has added some more gun turrets, two fighters for Lori and Az, and a REM fighter for yourself. Click here to have install and enjoy.

September 18, 2001-

   Stephen Robertson has announced the F14 patch for Independence War II. Here's what it will have:

General Fixes
+ Remote missiles now have the correct blast radius of 2km.
+ Old trade mission objectives are now cleaned up.
+ Various fixes to specific trade missions.
+ Haven Station tour no longer activates after Act 1.
+ Fixed Sensor Disrupter mount point.
+ Beam weapons no longer 'explode' occasionally.

General Improvements
+ Mission trades now list the client instead of the faction.
+ Mission trades are all at the top of the trades list.
+ User modifications can now be selected from the front-end interface.
+ Multiplayer: The network code now uses a DirectPlay 8 transport layer, making connections through firewalls easier.
+ Multiplayer: The framework for network game types is more flexible, and we've added new games and maps.

There will be other fixes for individual missions. If you want to see what they are (spoiler warning!), check out Robertson's thread by clicking here.

September 13, 2001-

   I'm sure you are all aware of the events in New York City, where I live. My internet connection was just restored, but I'm not sure if it will hold. The guys at AT&T aren't sure either. A special thanks to the I-War community for their generous concern for me.

    If any of you are interested, I have put up my account of the day at http://ina-community.com-forums-sho...threadid=133324.

September 10, 2001-

   Special thanks to board member Krazed, who has released two mods for I-War II that allows the player fly in the Von Schelling cruiser! Krazed has two versions of the cruiser available, the first being the Antimatter_Warship the second being the Meson_Warship. I suggest that you not install these until you have finished Edge of Chaos, as they could seriously ruin the challenge of gameplay.

    However, just for some eye candy, here's some links to pictures of the beauty: 1, 2, 3

    In other news, I have proudly reached 6000 posts on the board. :-D Thank you all for the support!

September 7, 2001-

   Responding to complaints about an inability for I-War II multiplayer to function with firewalls (and thus many high-speed connections), Stephen Robertson posted this:

    There's a patch coming which amongst other things, makes network play fully DX8 capable. That means the game will only require one port to be opened in the firewall, and that port number is configurable.

    Essentially, getting through the firewall should be easier. :-)

September 6, 2001-

   Check out Cormorant's Place, where he's got (among other cool stuff) a poll of your favorite I-War/EoC ship of all time. The ships are only ships that one could pilot without modifying the game. Vote away!

September 5, 2001-

   The guys at Particle Systems have uploaded this good review of I-War II from the Digitiser Section of the Channel 4 Teletext Service in the UK ( Page 480 ). These guys (on TV I assume?) gave the game a 5/5! Yay!

= = = = = = = = = = = = LATER = = = = = = = = = = = = =

   Stephen Robertson mentioned a Custom Jafs mod that will allow an I-War II player to silence him, speed up his cargo loading, and give him any ship with cargo-carrying capacity! I think that this is just what lots of us have looking for. I'll keep y'all posted.

September 2, 2001-

   Okay, I have archived the July/August 2001 news at their own July/August 2001 Archives Page. Just to keep some current stuff up here: in case you're considering buying Edge of Chaos and are wondering what system specs you need to play the game, click here or go to the requirements page in the Misc. Section for more information.

    Stephen Robertson posted some official info about Edge of Chaos mission development. The language looks very versatile and also very hard. I doubt that I will even try to learn it. But I encourage you all to try! Remember, I'm always open as a host for missions provided that I am able to. Here's Steve's post:

As far as tools go there are only a couple of tiny command line programs we used to help us create the game content.

There is NO custom object editor ( we used lightwave ). There is NO mission editor ( all missions are scripted in pog ).

Since the tools we do have don't have graphical user interfaces they are absolutely no use whatever without extensive documentation. For example, scripting missions for Edge Of Chaos is not simple - it requires at least a basic knowledge of programming.

In fact it's not really like scripting at all, as it's multi-threaded - you're not limited to running just one script at a time as in I-War. Edge Of Chaos has dozens of scripts running simultaneously while you play the game. And, as there are no tools for placing ships or setting up game situations, all object placement, ship creation, etc. has to be hand coded in pog.

In order for you guys to be able to do that we have to write some detailed documentation on the pog scripting language, and what all the various pog and Flux packages do. This won't happen overnight I'm afraid - for example the GUI package which contains the user interface commands contains over 100 separate functions you can use.

So please be patient we'll release the tools when we've got them ready for release.


That's all I got for today.