September 28, 2000-

   Little news to report at the moment, but I did update the FAQ in responce to an increasingly common question about eliminating the carrier in WEP Advanced II. Feel free to check out the newest question at the bottom of the Gaming Tips area of the FAQ page.

    On some off-topic news, FAMS has kindly posted his pictures to prove that gamers don't look like what Hollywood says they look like. Check out FAMS page at

September 24, 2000-

   Well, here's the new site! What do you think? There is a new FAQ section, accessable from the Navbar along with a host of little itty-bitty changes that you may or may not see. The most noticable change is the color scheme and the font-embed. I really recomend that you use Internet Explorer or a really new version of Netscape to view this site the best, although it will be alright either way.

    If you want to add to the FAQ, please please mail me at with the question and the answer. In addition, I have an interview with Chris Mann, the composer of the Defiance and I-War II musical score uploaded. You can access it by clicking here or by going to Misc and clicking on the interview at the top of the page. I urge you all to enjoy the interview and spread the good word about our dear friend Mr. Mann!

    Also, Vesper has mailed me her "Treachery of Kings" stories to date, which were started some while ago by Gareth Hall. There are two out of five of the stories uploaded so far, and I really think you should check them out. Gareth Hall is a wonderful writer, and Vesper has expanded on his stories with her consistant style and character development. I look forward to the future additions to the series, and I know you will too. Just check out the bottom of the stories section.

    Hope you like the new site!

September 19, 2000-

   Some new I-War II shots from Gamespot UK, these are five new screenies depicting consoles and ships, etc. The most interesting one, in my opinion, is the first one. This has the new Heavy Corvette firing its fine gattling cannon. Check the new shots out at

    In addition, Vurt, of Starship Repulse, has given a link of another I-War II preview featuring eight new shots. Most of the shots have to do with the freight and transport aspect of the game, showing some of the new cargo pods and their host ships. The article is available at

    My modifications to the site are finished (I hope) and I plan to find some time this weekend to upload everything. I'll be asking for feedback, so please send it! :-)

   In some off-topic news, this weekend I'm whipping out my bike and going on a 30-mile bike ride around New York City to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis along with several thousands of other cyclists. The FDR and West Side Highway will be closed for this event and I hope the weather will be good for the day. I'll try to take some pictures if I can (not likely). If any of you live in the area and are interested, check out and click on the "MS Bike Tour 2000" to sign up.

September 17, 2000-

   Starship Repulse has re-modeled their site, making it (predictably) very good looking! I urge you to check it out at I also urge you all to continue to check out ATFW for their continueing daily display of new I-War II shots.

  Also, DailyRadar has posted an article about the Dreamcast potential of I-War II. It includes an interview with Mike Powell, of Particle Systems. It mentions that he PC version of I-War II is in the Beta stage and the Dreamcaste will run a few months behond, once they can port the PC game into Dreamcast. This "War for Dreamcast Supremacy" also features a little picture gallery with some old screenies. You can go to the article by clicking here.

September 13, 2000-

   ATFW found a new collection of I-War II screenshots at AVault, some new, some not. You can check them out by clicking here. Also, most apologies for not uploading the major site changes I promised a while back. Especially to Vesper. I've been very busy now with school and it's hard to find the time to work on a webpage...

September 12, 2000-

   Beth Wasden, of A Talent for War, sent me a link for some neat new I-War II shots that Particle Systems has sent to them directly! In order to tease all of us I-War fans, she will release a few new shots over the next six days. These are all new and fresh, so check out the page at

    In addition, the Buda5 staff has informed us that the temporary address of their host site, is However, the mods pages are unavailable, so sorry folks...

September 10, 2000-

   The Buda5 website, along with the rest of is regrettably, down. Reports from ATFW indicate that the owner/administrator of the URL forgot to pay his web fees, thus causing the cessation of service. There is no word of when site operation will re-commence. :-(

September 9, 2000-

      Just letting you know that I am working on the website. School started on Friday and it wasn't that bad. I've got homework to do, but otherwise nothing special.

September 6, 2000-

The I-War community has a new website along with a new mission from this fresh face to our community. Check out the Phoenix Nest and download his new mission, which is an I-War mission mixed with B5 elements.

   In other news, I decided to check ATFW today, only to find that our own AFTW has moved to a new location! The site is now hosted by Barrysworld, though it still has it's own dedicated URL. The site is now at

    I have recieved contructive critisism from my two site beta testers and now have some more work to do. So the new site will probably be delayed until this weekend.

September 5, 2000-

   The site changes are complete. I have sent the site to McDuff and Anon for their opinions of it before I upload it all for the public. In other news, Stone has found this small review of I-War II. It's not much in the way of review, but this page does boast what I think to be every I-War II screenshot to date concentrated in one place. So, if you think you've missed anything, check it out.

September 3, 2000-

   Vurt has informed us of 23 I-War II screenshots. Some are new, some are not. Check them out if you please to do so.

September 2, 2000-

   Well, it's September! Anyone going to the European Computer Trade Show can meet Stephen Robertson of Particle Systems at the Intel Stand (G150) on Sunday. While the trade show will continue, Mr. Robertson must return to Sheffield to continue work on I-War II.

   The website modifications are continuing. Today I finished the news archives, dedicating a month of old news to a separate archives page. I also tinkered with the stylesheets and found a good font for the page.