Old News- October 2001

October 29, 2001-

   AVault is offering five lucky winners a chance to win a copy of Edge of Chaos as well as an acre of the moon! One moon acre = $19.95, so they lose more money with the game. There is no guarantee of a view or valuable minerals on your acre of the moon and AVault will not provide transportation to your new plot. :-) Check it out.

    Vote for the mod you want PS to produce most in this thread! A no-launch-sequence mod has been released, actually, you can get it at the I-War II Mods Page.You must be a registered member of the Ina-Community to vote, however registration is free, so I encourage you to sign up. We'd love you hear from you anyway.

October 26, 2001-

   It is with great sadness that I report the death of long-time artist and I-War community member Pedro Pablo Luna (AKA Alpha Romeo 81) yesterday morning at the age of 25 as a result of a car accident in his native Costa Rica. As far as the distraught community can tell, a relative or friend of Luna's came online to deliver the news in a single post leading to this Spanish news article.

    It is translated as follows:

    Pedro Pablo Luna, 25 years old, died in the early hours of yesterday morning after being run over by a vehicle in front of the entrance to The Arches, on the highway to Heredia. The victim was in the process of providing fuel to the car.

    For reasons unknown, another car passed very near Mr. Luna and hit him. Fabián Solano who accompanied him was nearby. The driver of the second car, Jorge Beaches, was also injured.

    We'll always remember Alpha and his beautiful artwork. I urge you all to appreciate it at his two websites,  The Science Fiction page and Cosmos - A personal view. If there is any further confirmation or news, I will of course post it. We're all a little shocked right now.

"I hope [humanity] can have a heart someday. I think [we will]."

"I guess we all carry our own dramas..."

-Pablo Luna

October 25, 2001-

   Hello everyone, most apologies for not updating the site, however I have been busy working my ass off in school, trying to figure out ways of getting online more often (WTC has left my service still unstable), and dealing with the loss of my grandfather.

    I imagine you all have found other ways to get news, however here's a bit:

    PCArena.com has reviewed EoC, giving it a 4.5/5. Check out the article by clicking here.

October 16, 2001-

   Thanks to Nanoprobe, who found a really cool easter egg in I-War II. Check out this thread.

October 13, 2001-

   There are some issues with certain hardware configurations when installing the patch. Check out the official I-War website.

    In addition, the link I gave below for the patch is no longer valid. Try this one.

October 11, 2001-

   Stephen Robertson officially annoucned the patch today. In addition, the Jafs mod is out! The Jafs mod enables players to give Jafs any type of ship as well as disable his dialogue. Check it out at http://www.independencewar.com/home.htm.

October 10, 2001-

   Thanks to Parias and VoodooExtreeme, who quickly jumped on the new F14.6 patch for Edge of Chaos! Click here to download the 6MB patch.

    Check out this thread for another mod that Stephen Robertson is proposing which allows you to search and select stations and waypoints within systems.

    Thanks to Sauron1, who noticed that the latest edition of PC Gamer (US Edition) has the demo of I-War II mounted on its cover CD. Majir summarized their review:

+ Highs: Great graphics; involving, free-form gameworld; beautiful presentation.
+ Lows: Brutal difficulty curve; hokey storytelling; some dull periods.
+ Bottom Line: Season space pilots will be in heaven, but newbies will get smoked.
+ Final Rating: 80% (Excellent, only one point away from the abyss of the "good" category).

October 8, 2001-

   Phew, okay, I have archived the September 2001 news.

    There really isn't anything to report on the game, to be honest. Stephen Robertson informed us that the F14 patch has been further delayed by some bugs that cropped up with the multiplayer testing, which is the most significantly patched portion of the game.

    Geocities sent me a letter informing me that this site is so popular that they have had to shut it down occasionally in order to keep me within me 3-gigabyte per-month transfer limit. So, I apologize if anyone has had or will have trouble accessing the site. I'm looking into the problem to see if I can do anything. Otherwise, thank you all for the support! :-D

October 3, 2001-

   Still feeling a bit sick, so just give me until this weekend to make the archive.

    It's a little old, but here's a list of things that Stephen Robertson said he wished I-War II would have included:

+ Optimized mouse flight controls
+ Better save system
+ Searchable starmap
+ Difficulty settings
+ Docking to other stations for trading, loading-out, etc.
+ Training for lateral thrusters
+ A face for Franklyn Hoffer
+ Schematic based load-out and engineering screens.
+ More crew on the ship ( e.g. Lori and Az ) for dialogue.

October 2, 2001-

   Hi everyone. Normally, I would archive the September news and put a summary of last month if necessary, however I ordered some bad Japanese food tonight and I'm not feeling up to all of that right now. :-o

    Carl Birkinshaw of Particle Systems has told us that all multiplayer minefields have been removed from the EoC F14 patch. In addition, gunstars added to custom multiplayer scripts won't work properly unless they are part of pre-programmed capture the flag scripts because the gunstars affect pings.

   The patch has indeed been delayed by the extensive testing required for an officially-supported patch. We'll just have to be patient.