October 29, 2000-

   Back from my trip and I had a great time! Took a little spill while rappelling, but thankfully I landed on the knee that wasn't already cut up. :-D

    Thinking the I-War fan sites to be dead, a Mr. Rob Kinder approached the I-War board announcing his new site http://www.iwarcommand.com. Well, his research was a bit off because he didn't know of the existence of such frequently updated sites as this one, Colliderring, Starship Repulse, Sol, and more. Interestingly, his new site is part of a commercial gaming network that provides hosting and support for independent fan sites. While unfinished, I look forward to what this site holds for the I-War community. Welcome to Mr. Kinder!

October 26, 2000-

   I'm going on a school-sponsored rock climbing trip with some friends from Thursday until Saturday afternoon (EST). While I doubt any new significant news will crop up while I'm away, I apologize for the absence if anything does happen.

    On an off-topic issue, does anyone here know what the North Eastern Marketing Order is for milk products? I do, however if you have any opinions on the issue, please e-mail me. Just curious.

October 23, 2000-

   Thanks to ATFW and Brett (somewhat :->) for finding this I-War II preview at Gamesdomain.com. There's nothing new in this article save for a few screenshots which are labeled as "Pre-Alpha|17/01/00|Not for distribution". Yet the author claims he got these shots from the "press kit". Yeah, right...

    In the annals of statistics, I wish to thank you all for the crossing of the 7700 hits mark. It's not a special number, but it's nice and big. :-) Also, I've realized that it has been just over a year since I started making regular news updates to this page. If you can imagine it, all this page was last September was a cluster of images with some sketchy downloads and stories pages that I had made for the IWHQ hosted at a very long Tripod address. Thanks for the support and I always love seeing and (sometimes) getting e-mails from the kinds of interesting people who visit this page!

October 22, 2000-

     John Shiali, of ATFW, has written an excellent article about why and why not the Space Sim can be considered "dead". He gives a wonderfully well-done rant about how gaming sites, fans, and PR people can form false impressions of a game or it's genre. He says that the Space Sims are not on their deathbed, but rather evolving. We'll see in the next year and a half, Mr. Shiali says. You can access the article from the ATFW mainpage or, if you don't need their Navbar, by clicking here.

Here's a quote:

...there are the hype-mongers, jumping up and down and telling us that whichever game they happen to be supporting is going to be the best thing ever, even better than sex (though most of them don't know what that is). They fall prey to the hype, and are even used and manipulated by unscrupulous developers as free publicity (pay to become a beta tester anyone?). The hype-mongers are building web-sites almost as soon as the games are announced, often a year in advance of release, and grateful for any crumbs thrown them by the publisher's PR weenies. When those games arrive and are just a pale shadow of the developer's promises, the clever hype-mongers move to the next vapourware title, while the dumb ones keep supporting their sad fantasies of the games that didn't live up to potential, insisting that it really is as good as they claimed a year ago.

Hey, I'm 15! I can't relate anything to sex! And I think I've been consistent and fair about the already released I-War for the past year and a half! :-D In reality, John himself is a charming I-War fan and I do look forward to his comments about the Edge of Chaos' upcoming release- positive or negative as they might be.

On a personal note, I've finished my  PSATs! Now on to the SAT II [:-(

October 21, 2000-

   Vesper has been kind enough to mail the third part of her "Treachery of Kings" story series to me. She has changed her plan to combine the planned fourth and fifth stories into one part, thus making it a four-part story. The plot summary is as follows:

        The Eclipse is part of an escort fleet for the Commonwealth's new cruiser, the Highwind. Things heat up when an Indie         fleet attacks the Commonwealth vessels. But are the Indies really behind this attack, or is it someone from de Retz's past?

   You can find it either at the stories page or by clicking here. Nothing much else to report, everything's pretty slow...

October 19, 2000-

   I e-mailed Stephen Robertson, of Particle Systems about the I-War II Dreamcast cancellation. Here is the reply I got:

The cancellation was a business decision solely on the part of Infogrames, who decided that the Dreamcast market wasn't strong enough to support a release of Independence War 2. Particle Systems had no part in the decision at all. I can't really comment on staffing issues, I'm afraid, but there are no job losses or anything like that.

Independence War 2 PC is progressing very well, and looking pretty amazing.

   In an Infogrames forum post, Mr. Robertson noted that "The game has gained a lot from being developed for Dreamcast at the same time as the PC version. In particular it helped us focus on user interface issues. This has made the game much more accessible to novice users while still being very powerful for expert users.

    Special thanks to Stephen for commenting. Also, thanks to Nanoprobe for helping me with some JavaScript that will make sure that no one can mistakenly be referred to the news page without being able to navigate the rest of the site.

October 13, 2000-

   Hope you all enjoyed a good Friday the 13th with a full moon. I sure as hell did, with screwups all throughout my day. I'm sure this was also an awful morning   for President Clinton wake up to. Well, tomorrow is the 14th and I'll be finished with my work and can go outside and frolic in the sunshine...

    In relevant news, Starship Repulse has gotten some more information about the cancellation of the Dreamcast I-War II. Apparently, Infogrames has decided (and I agree with them) that the Dreamcast is not a particularly big market. Thus, Particle Systems will be concentrating on the PC version of I-War II. Particle has not commented yet and no one is sure as to what will happen to the Console programming staff. An update article as it http://www.fgnonline.com/news/15977.html.

October 12, 2000-

   Gamespot as reported that the Dreamcast version of Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos has been cancelled! According to this article (< click), Infogrames gave no comment as to the cancellation of the game. I've been thinking that a Dreamcast version would be a bad idea because of the multiple functions that the game could have. Maybe that's why. Or maybe Infogrames thinks space-sims is just not a the right genre for console. In other reasoning, the console programming staff may be being diverted to the Particle System's FPS, which would be rather exciting. There could be a whole other reason or it may be just a rumor.

So far, there has been no comment from Particle System's or Infogrames as to the matter. I'll post any new information.

October 8, 2000-

   Starship Repulse has managed to get a beautiful, banner-free url at http://www.starshiprepulse.org! The site content is exactly the same, they just now look all professional with their own URL. That just leaves Nano and I with those good-ole' free webservers with banner ads. :-D Enjoy the ease of finding the SR!

    In addition, Buda 5's Merciful has found this Spanish I-War II preview. So, if you've had no idea what I've been talking about for the past six months, click and you'll get an idea. :-D

October 5, 2000-

   Colin Ford of the Phoenix Nest has asked me to link to his "Circles" story series, which is an interesting blend of I-War and Babylon 5 plots that ties in the humans of I-War with the races of B5. Check it out at the bottom of the Stories page or by clicking here. You can return to this site by clicking on the "Back" button.

October 3, 2000-

   Cleared out all of the September news into the September 2000 section of the news archives. So, check there if you want to get older news. Not much to report on the I-War II development front as Particle Systems has been as quiet as ever. However, there is a little preview of I-War II at PCFormat UK. However, this preview is a little misleading pertaining to the plot and also sports a single, old screenshot. But, if you want to be disappointed, check out http://www.pcformat.co.uk/news/detail.asp?id=24243

    In more important news, a new board member has made a whole new I-War scripting utility. This comes only two months after Nanoprobe released his Nanoscripter, so I guess there's some competition going around. I'm the only person to be hosting this 1.1 MB file, so you can download it by clicking here or by going to the Other section of the downloads page. If you check out the "Missions" section while in Downloads, you will notice that I have finally uploaded McDuff's "Trinadyne" mission, which I somehow neglected to upload when it came out back in April. Apologies to McDuff, and I urge you all to download the mission.

    Also, as per a request, I have added enabling LaGrange point selection to the FAQ. Finally, our board reached a milestone number of posts a few nights ago. Check it out: