November 27, 2001-

    Check out Duncan Day's I-War fanfic story Out in the Cold, which can be found here at Nano's site. Thanks to Rocketman for the heads-up.

    Thanks to Merciful, who found a nice I-War II review.

November 25, 2001-

   Independence War II has been nominated for the Gamespy Simulation of the Year for 2001. Go vote!!

November 20, 2001-

   Buda5 fans, times are a-changing! Buda5 now has an I-War II site, where they are showing off the kinds of stuff they will do once more EoC SDKs are released! I urge you all to check it out. Especially those that were daunted by installing the first Buda5, as doing such with EoC will be much easier. Again, the EoC Buda5 Website.

November 18, 2001-

   Particle Systems has released a new minor EoC patch. This patch fixes a bug some people have in which the character Fredrick Jackson will not talk to you, thus preventing the continuation of the story. You do not need this patch if you do not have the bug. It's unsupported by PS...yadda yadda here to download it.

November 15, 2001-

   Sorry for the lack up updates, but the pressures of Junior year along with another plane crash in New York prompting more terrorism fears have slowed me down a bit.

    If you loved Defiance (as I did) or are curious, check out for the new Defiance mod, by Gritsucker. There are lots of mods there, so it's worth browsing.

    There are also rumors that Jafs has been stealing 2/3s of the alcohol cargo and stashing it in his sNRV for consumption while he picks up pods. We're investigating. Thanks to GrayBear for the tip. :-)

November 9, 2001-

   A point of interest that was brought up by a new community member and mentioned by Stephen Robertson: While Infogrames and Particle Systems hold joint copyrights on the Independence War title, the Flux technology is the property of Particle. This allows them to use it as they please, including their newest game-in-development, an FPS called Exo (if I remember the name correctly).

    I can't help but notice that almost no one has come here in the past week! What's going on? If there's something seriously wrong with the site or for some reason you think that I'm just a bastard and thus are not coming here as often, please e-mail me (click on the DreadNot logo below) about it so I can change to better serve you!

November 7, 2001-

   Thanks to Sauron, who found the following two I-War II reviews:

    One of the reviewers is "Parias". Our Parias? I'll leave that for y'all to guess...;-)

November 5, 2001-

   Stephen Robertson has announced the first I-War II Software Development Kit (SKD)! This SDK allows you convert Lightwave objects and textures into EOC format and includes documentation on how to create and set up ships and weapons for the game. Check it out!

November 4, 2001-

   Some of you remember how, back in the old old days, Particle would reveal snippets of information about their mysterious sequel to I-War. Well, I remember that one of them mentioned was rotational momentum. Steve said that ships would tend to spin or tumble more. Nearly two years later, Steve commented on this again:

One thing that IS modeled is rotational momentum. That's why your Advanced Patcom tends to spin when hit repeatedly. Also IW2 can do something that was originally only possible in the IW1 intro movie. There's a bit in the IW1 movie where the Dreadnaught pushes a dead patcom out of the way with its nose, and the patcom spins as it does this.

You can do that in IW2 in game!

    I'd like to take this moment to encourage you all to go to the official I-War boards. Recently there has been a lull in activity, some believe due to some new rules that made many players of Unreal Tournament leave the Infogrames boards for an independently-run community. Competing boards, leeching on to the opportunity, have begun trying to get other players of other games over. The I-War community here is the oldest and largest I-War community. We enjoy communication with Infogrames and support from the Particle Systems team. In addition, we enjoy talking to and helping any players to the game. So, by all means come to our boards! We'd love you hear from you!

   October 2001 news has been archived.

November 1, 2001-

   I'll archive the news tomorrow, too much homework tonight. :-o

   Alpha Romeo (AKA Pablo Luna) is alive. Two days after we received word of his death, Mr. Luna e-mailed myself and another community member to inform us that he was alive. However, another man sharing his name near his house was killed in the reported hit-and-run. Due to other reasonable concerns for his security, Alpha reported his death and I kept the secret as well for several days until Alpha made it public. I am sorry if my secrecy has caused undue regret, however it was necessary. It should be noted that I did not know the true nature of the situation when I posted the newsbit about the death below.

    Stephen Robertson has released the Manual Countermeasures Mod, which enables you to launch I-War II Countermeasures manually without loading them into a standard missile rack. Check it out by clicking here. The source code is included too.