November 27, 2000-

   Well, just to put The Corporate's thoughts at ease, Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos is expected to be released in February 2001. While the game will probably be finished next month, Particle Systems is being smart in allotting a "polishing" period for the game. And no, we don't know anything really about multiplayer. Does that suit your needs? :-)

    This website reached a milestone last week: there are an average 195 visitors to this site per week. However, the weekly count has never exceeded that number towards my goal of 200 hits in a week. For whatever reason, perhaps the free-time given by the American holidays, the site had 219 visitors last week! In addition, I got 4 letters complimenting the site and asking various I-War/I-War II questions over a four day period. Despite the fact that there were few updates over the holiday, this encourages me to make continual updates to the site including the [somewhat] new layout that I will probably upload this weekend. Thank you all for the support!

   In sadder news, I wasn't able to finish the "Exodus" mission for FAMS :-o While I did script plenty to it, I hit an unexpected bug that took waaaay too much time to fix. Sorry FAMS, but I hope to get it done ASAP (as always)!

   Finally, if any of you live in Florida and ordered $6000 of AppleŽ computers using my e-mail address for your order progress updates to be sent to, I have three things to say to you:

1) I know your name, address, and phone number.

2) I'll decide if I want to call you at midnight.

3) Get a freaking PC.


November 24, 2000-

    Sorry about the lack of updates :o! I hope that the Americans had a happy Thanksgiving and good wishes to everyone on the board. I celebrated me two-year anniversary in the Independence War community during this Thanksgiving, so I would like to say that it has been an honor serving you all these two years.

    Board member Cormorant has made a mission based on a civilian transport, the first from a new, eager scripter in our community. You can find the mission at His missions deal with a more down-to-earth civilian/pirate aspect of the game, making his ideas rather unique and exciting if you ask me. Also, they're available in German for those out there, the first bi-lingual mission series ever to my knowledge. Check it out!

November 21, 2000-

   This week is Thanksgiving for the Americans, so I get a few days off, which I will devote to having as much fun with as little sleep possible...and trying to finish the Exodus mission too! In addition, I'm working on some changes to the site that include a search-engine and faster-loading, frame-independent pages.

   The Merciful, of Buda5 and The Infinity, has been kind enough to post some early I-War promotional material here (Click). Some of it is stuff I haven't seen, but lots of it are HUGE renderings along with some articles made before the original game release. Enjoy!

November 19, 2000-

   I have decided to scrap my "Attila" mission series in place of an idea called "Independence War: The Age of Kings". Check it out at this thread. Of course, it will only come after I finish my mission for FAMS, which I will be working on next week.

    The Buda5 staff have added a Shadow Hybrid ship for all of you Buda5 fans. I would also like to recognize and thank the staff and fans of Buda5 alike- they have spurred an interest in I-War that perhaps would not have become had it not been for this mod and its support. Without this interest (and purchases of the game, from the Infogrames sales point-of-view), we wouldn't be enjoying the recent surge of forum traffic that we have been enjoying.

November 14, 2000-

   Sorry about the lack of updates, as I have been in the middle of a small family emergency and not able to use the phone line that much over the past two days. Also, there is not that much relevant news, but I'm trying! The American presidential elections are still up in the air, but you can click here for a funny picture dealing with our friend George W. Bush, Jr. Why they have green hair, I really don't know. :-)

    JFA has completed the 2nd version of his multi-functional scripting tool SCRIPTOR, so I urge all I-War scripters to check it out at

    In response to a column made by Buddhaholix about the senatorial elections of my own state of New York, I've posted a brief rebuttal here at the Misc. Page. Read and enjoy!    

November 11, 2000-

   Special thanks to Antiriad2097 for finding this snippet about voice acting in the magazine Edge:

   " The company's [Outsource Media] main project is currently Infogrames' Independence War 2, a game that features a 30,000 word script and 171 characters."

    Whoa! 30,000 words and 171 characters?! Major plot is in evidence! This will indeed be a big game...

November 9, 2000-

   Well, with the American presidential elections on the split almost perfectly and with our Senate and House split too, what will become of the next four years? I guess we need to wait for the president to be elected to determine that. And my favorite quote of the whole mess so far? Al Gore- "Don't get snippy about this!" :-D

    Hotfoot, in this thread, has pointed out that the Indie base Priesthole has some historical roots: during the rise of Protestantism, affluent families kept Catholic Priests hidden in their houses to keep them safe and Catholicism alive in England. In addition to the Scots (such as McDuff) fighting to keep Catholicism, it figures.

    Building on this hole-in-the-ground theme, Stone pointed out that most of the manhole covers in Sheffield, England (home to Particle Systems) happen to say "Dreadnaught" on them. Mr. Robertson has denied any correlation, however the subconscious link may be undetectable. :-)

November 6, 2000-

   Through Stephen Robertson's post in this thread on the Infogrames Message Board, I have concluded that the NULL Lightwave elements of what is to be the Independence War II scripting language will be used to configure separate, destructible elements of a ship. For example, as Mr. Robertson says himself, NULL can be used to configure and orient docking points. If those are separate from the ship, I think it is logical that they can be destroyed, thus giving us a hint as to the high level of detail we can expect from the I-War II ship modeling. :-D

    In addition, I've been having some FTP problems so sorry about the two-days-worth of news in one day. Also, remember that tomorrow is the Presidential and general elections for Americans, so if you didn't know that, get out and vote tomorrow! Any New Yorkers better support Lazio! Gore as President would be great too, I think, but I'm far more a fan of Lazio.

Finally, the site has crossed the 8000 hits mark, so thank you all for the support. :-)

November 5, 2000-

   A Talent for War has released a compressed, RealMovie version of the Independence War II trailer for those whom the original trailer was too large for. If you want to download the 2.8 MB file, click on the E3 2000 Trailer - RealVideo. You can also check out their other I-War II material at  

November 2, 2000-

    Happy November! I'm excited to get to my winter break and knowing that I'm one month closer...well, anyway, there is some relevant news today. You'll notice that I cleared October's news. If you want to check it out, you can find it in the Archives section.

    Antiriad was king enough to scan and upload this I-War II preview. It's a 1.4 MB zip file download, but very worth it. It's filled with a walk-through of how the guys at PS model, and lots of other new stuff about the Flux Graphics Engine, some plot, and more. I urge you to download it at

    In addition, Particle System's own Stephen Robertson has found another I-War II preview at Gaming Age. Nothing new, really, but their screenshots, while not new ones, are pretty clear. Check it out at