May 31, 2001-

   A rush of disturbing rumors have come upon us supporting the notions of a Sept. 2001 release for I-War II. This was posted on a forum:

I was just talking to some of the QA guys (Quality Assurance = games testers) working on Independence War 2. They have been told that it's going to be signed off on Monday whether or not the QA department thinks it's ready.... needless to say, they do not.

The game is being developed by a small, external company, who rely on their reputation as a quality games developer. I'm sure they would be happy for their programmers to spend another week fixing the remaining bugs in the game before shipping it. But Infogrames doesn't want to pay half a dozen testers (the lowest paid workers in this industry) to actually find and document those bugs. In any event, our QA department does not actually have the power to delay shipment of a game.

    In addition, according to information from board member bodhammer, changed the release from June 19, 2001 to Sept. 30, 2001 and changed their date from June 11, 2001 to 08/21/2001. We will just have to wait and see what happens.

    Thanks to t0ny for finding this updateable page where one can compile upcoming reviews for our favorite little sequel. Check it out periodically once reviews for the game start to come out. At the moment all it has is that odd pre-release review that I posted about last night.

    And for those who are noticing that this news page is getting rather long to download, remember that it will be archived into the May 2001 archives soon.

May 30, 2001-

   Most of this is just quoting from the well-worded announcement. :-)

Over one year in the making, Buda 5 is pleased to announce the release of Buda5: Raiders - a campaign set in the Babylon 5 universe, for the game Independence War.

The campaign features:
-Strong character and story based plot.
-24 challenging, thought provoking missions.
-90 minutes of spoken dialogue by professional actors and talented amateurs
-Over 50 custom ship and station models (many previously unreleased by Buda5)
-In game music and sound effects.
-Custom rendered CGI cutscenes and briefings.
-multiple difficulty options

    The campaign works with Independence War and Independence War-Defiance in both software and hardware 3Dfx graphics modes, however Defiance with a 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card is the recommended platform.

    The campaign is available in a two part download (50 meg each):
Part one - & Part two -

    Both parts must be downloaded and installed before the campaign may be played.
Please read the important installation and gameplay instructions in the README1ST.TXT file included before installing.


    Even though it's not even on the shelves, GamePower somehow reviewed I-War II in this article. As reviewers of I-War I did, they cite difficulty with controls and a high learning curve. Some fans, fearful of a dumbed-down game, are actually relieved!

    FAMS made scans of the PCZone UK magazine preview for I-War II. I would have hosted it, but I don't have the space. However, Starship Repulse is kind enough to host it here!

    Finally for tonight (I think), General_H_Storm's URL is going down because Namezero screwed him over and he can't pay in US funds. I have a Namezero URL at which may go out also, I'm not sure. So, the General's site is @

    I am aware of some of the issues with my links and downloads pages, however due to school finals I am not in a position to fix them for a little bit. I'll get to the problems in about a week and a half.

May 28, 2001-

    I have added some more player reviews of the Independence War 2 Demo. Click here to view them or go to the Misc. Page.

    Some of you may have had trouble getting the demo to work. However, thanks to Merciful and his contact with Will Vale, the lead programmer of I-War II there is a fix that might work for you that deals with your MP3 Codec. Check out this thread.

    In addition, Stephen Robertson of Particle Systems commented the following on the Demo:

Hi, just thought I'd clear some points up about the demo.

The demo is based on a beta of the full game. This means it's not the final code, so it's not fully optimized, and doesn't have all the fixes and optimizations for the various graphics cards out there. If you're having any problems with getting the demo running on a particular graphics card, then chances are we've already fixed it for the final game. This is the magazine coverdisk version, and includes the full Act 1 movie, which is why it's rather big. It was never designed for distribution over the net. About 75% of the demo file size is the movie. Congrats to those who've managed to download it!

However, the demo represents only a tiny, tiny fraction of the whole gameplay of IW2.

The demo has a couple of the smaller missions (Of which there are over 40 ), includes a single cut-down star system ( out of 16 ) and doesn't include one of the major features of the game - The base where you can trade, manufacture upgrade your ship, and save the game.

The demo probably represents less than 5% of what you'll get in the final game. We reckon there's at least 60 hours worth of gameplay in the full game. Enough to keep most people happy for a couple of is intended to give people a taste of the gameplay in IW2. We can't include everything in there, but it should give you a good impression of what the final game will be like.

We'll do our best to answer any questions or queries you have about the demo, and we hope you like what you've seen so far!

May 27, 2001-

   Because I will not be downloading the I-War 2 demo, I have left it to the fans to write some reviews. The initial reviews I have posted are not the most positive ones, however I invite you to see for yourself. The reviews can be accessed from the Misc. Page or by clicking here.

    General_H_Storm has taken a screenshot of solar flares in the I-War II demo! Check out this image (Larger version).

    Board member t0ny is also keeping a page with Beta and Demo screenshots, available at The page is just images, so it may take a while to load.

    Oh, and here are some new mirrors for the Demo, thanks to ATFW:

3D Gamers       3D Files        World Online (Czech)

May 24, 2001-

   The Independence War II demo is here! Click on this link to go the downloads page where you can access the 198MB demo file, which will also be on the cover of the UK magazine PCZone. At the moment, there is no word of other magazines hosting the demo and I've heard that PCZone UK has exclusive rights on the demo, which would just be stupid. Of course, I'll keep you informed.

    Note that this download is very slow, even for you lucky cable modem bastards. The PCZone server can't quite handle the load and has been reported to bump downloaders, sometimes giving a message talking about a 200-person maximum download limit. So, if it's slow, it's not just you. Personally, due to my slow connection and single phone line, I'm going to wait until I either hear about a magazine with the demo on it or until the game comes out. To the lucky ones: enjoy it and be sure to e-mail me with a review or summary so that I can post it up here.

May 21, 2001-

    Command-section separations will not be possible in I-War II, as indicated in this post by Stephen Robertson:

When designing missions you have to account for many different variables. Is the player near the location they're supposed to be at? What happens if they run away, or shoot the ship they're supposed to talk to, etc.?

It makes sense to limit the variables to a manageable set. IW2 is much, much more complex than the mission based IW1, with its fully free-roaming environment, so we had to reduce the number of variables to keep track of.

One of the design decisions we made was not to allow the player to disengage the command section in flight. It would have doubled the amount of things we had to keep track of otherwise, and though it's a 'cool feature' it wasn't essential.

Believe me, there's so much stuff in IW2 you couldn't even dream about doing in IW1 that you won't miss detaching the command section!

    Oh well, but I guess it will be worth it! No word on any release date changes, bye the way. However, I'm fairly confident it will be out by mid-June.

    In other news, the official Independence War 2 sites have been updated. The news isn't anything new at all, us fan sites had this stuff a while ago, but there is a Real Player movie that I have heard to be a shortened version of the full IW2 intro. Check out the sites, and

May 16, 2001-

   Antiriad has posted this JPEG image from the latest issue of the UK PC Gamer Magazine, featuring I-War II (of course). Enjoy!

May 13, 2001-

   I'm soooo sorry I haven't updated! There hasn't been much, really, but this year's end-of-years are really grueling and I've got so much crap to do...

    Okay, first President Sheridan, a new member, has found this link indicating that I-War II will be out in September 2001. Don't be afraid, this is only one link. All other sources point to June, so we'll just wait and see.

    In case you want to download the I-War II Beta, the newest version is accessible here.

    General_H_Storm's site, IWAR2.COM -Home of the New Indies, has been added to my links pages. Sorry that I missed it until now, General! I've also indicated if a particular link is an inactive website.

    Starship Repulse is mirroring an ATFW-made Bink version of the I-War II Gamespot preview. Click here to download it.

    A PCZone preview of our favorite game is also up, check it out...

    This is a little old, but Particle System's Patrick Ward indicated that the next Particle Project will be in next month's EDGE magazine and that E3 will feature a promo movie for the new game. I guess I'll report on that game too, somewhat...

May 4, 2001-

Alright, first on the news agenda is that I've fixed the manual. I was aware of the image problems, however didn't really feel like staying up to fix them. However, they are now working and all is well. I wasn't aware at the time, but Nanoprobe has his PDF version up at his site.

Some new IW2 screens running on a computer called a PowerVR Kyro-II have been posted at for your viewing pleasure.

Visitors of I-War will sadly have to memorize a new address, as the bastard-corporation Namezero (also the holder of my shortcut URL will terminate his account on May 14. The new URL for his website is :-(

Special thanks to Vurt, of the Starship Repulse, for finding this PCZone preview of I-War II. This reviewer is glowing!

GoneGold has determined that the release date for I-War II is June 20th (see here), which isn't far off from the June 15 official date. Sweet.

Cable-modem users of the I-War II Beta may have noticed that they can't access any servers. If so, the Beta team is aware of this problem and is working on it.

Oh man, you have no idea the kinds of stuff I was lifting today in this hot weather for community service that my school requires for graduation...bye the way, if you haven't seen the movie "Memento", SEE IT! NOW! :-)

I think that's all...damn, tab key is broken...

May 2, 2001-

   Gamespot has a new I-War II video, released by Infogrames, containing extensive in-game footage. It's a 12.9 MB Zip download, or 16MB for the strait MPEG. Check out the info by clicking here.

    In response of requests for manuals from numerous I-War players, namely those in Australia who got a free version that didn't have a manual, I have put up an HTML manual on this site that comes strait off the Defiance CD from Independence War: Deluxe Edition. In this process, I have also re-modeled the site. What was once the Ship Guide is now under the "Tactical" section of the Nav bar and the Manual is under the "Manual" section.

    Nanoprobe has a PDF version on his CD, however he has not released it yet. Just click on the Manual section of the NavBar to take a look.

    Several community members received a letter from Infogrames announcing what is believed to be info about the European I-War II Beta! The letter refers to a link at, so check it out.

    If you peek over at, you'll see that our own Majir one first place in an art contest! Way to go Majir!

    And, this being the month of May, April 2001 News has been archived.