May 30, 2000-

    Starship Repulse has been moved to a new location, for how long is unknown. This came as a surprise to both us and the SR team, as they weren't expecting a hosting change. Oh well! Either way, the new link is

    In other news, 3D Action Planet has put up a snippet of I-War II. Nothing special in it at all, but I do report on any I-War information, don't I? :-) You can find it here.

    I hope that you all are enjoying my COSA 4- REPO Men mission and the articles made by Vesper and I. Note that there is the slight chance that the good Admiral Brett will contribute further to this debate. Also, I released today that Netscape users don't see the nav bar well when viewing this site. The fact that Netscape doesn't proporly support stylesheets, the core of the modern HTML page is appalling. So, while the site is nicely compatible with Netscape it's better with IE. If anyone knows a way to make the changing links cross-compatible, then please E-Mail me.

May 29, 2000-

    In my efforts to increase the number and vary the content of the articles on this website, Vesper has written up an essay with accusations against former president King, saying that he set up the events of the "Division" peace conferences. In responce, I agreed to write another essay that holds up to my opinions that he was set up. These are both superb articles, so I ask that you read them in the Misc section. Enjoy and comment! If you have any articles about I-War you would like to submit then please do so! :-)

May 28, 2000-

   FAMS has announced the winner of the I-War Mission Competition! The winner is Two Hours, whose mission was released a few months ago. Congrats to him and click here to download his winning mission!

    I have also released my submission for the compie: COSA 4- REPO Men, subject of so many trailers over the months of development :-). This epic conclusion to the COSA-19703 series, you start in a mission to re-possess a fleet that President King didn't pay for. However, this mission will go a lot deeper...This is my longest and best mission so far, so I ask that you send questions or comments to This mission has a Smacker file included, which makes it a rather large 850k download, so sorry about that. Click here to download directly, or go to Downloads -> Missions.

    In other news, Nanoprobe's webpage "broke" and so he had to re-model. In actuality, he has been making his superb site even better for months. So, check out to see his quality handiwork.

    Tyr, after a two-month abscense has investigaed the final conditions of the old Independence War Board, home to the first I-War community for over a year. Check the Misc section or click here for the article.

May 26, 2000-

   Gamespot has posted it's Best of E3. Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos has ranked on their "Best of Genre List" for simulation! They don't say anything special about the game, but it's good to know that it's already getting the deserved recognition.

May 23, 2000-

    In more news, I have uploaded Stephen Robertson's account of the production history of Independence War. Go to the Misc section and click on the article or do it directly from here. Look forward to more articles in the future from I-War fans. And to those who I'm waiting for articles from- you know who you are :-)

    Barrys World, host of our very own Starship Repulse, has posted their E3 opinions of I-War II with this little article.

  3DGN has posted this rather strange article about I-War II that, though being a little unusual, sums up the plot quite well. I like this guy's style!

    Also, I would like to wish all the students out there good luck on their finals and such. I know I have a tough road ahead!

May 20, 2000-

    Buda5's Merciful has found that Wargamer has nominated Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos as one of the best games of E3. Yay! No new information, but here's their E3 page:

May 19, 2000-

   Wow! More I-War II info! To all who have slower modems, fear not- I will archive some of this news at the next update. Beth, of ATFW, has provided us with a quicktime version of the trailer given to press members at E3. It's pretty awsome, quite chilling, and filled with minor details that make you want to raid PS' HQ and steal the game as it is (been there, tried that ;-) ) However, despite the 27 MB size, I would suggest you download this movie. Just click here.

May 18, 2000-

   Well, to anyone in the NYC area, Friends Seminary is going on to the ISAL state track champinships. I'm proud to be on the team, and if you're Lyola- we'll beat you again!

    On to the ever-increasing I-War II info :-) IGN news has posted a fairly long article about I-War II, commenting on the differences betweent the two games. Nothing really new, but they have a 4MB quicktime video up with music and moving shots! Well, I'm still downloading it. But click here, as I'm sure this is an excellent vid!

May 17, 2000-

   Beth, of ATFW, has posted her impressions of I-War II from the E3 show. She has written a decent-sized article (which I havn't read yet, but I am sure is great) and included some screenshots, of which about three are new! Click here to go to the article. Note that I will be adding to my "Misc" section an updated compilation of all I-War II screenshots, so they will be at your fingertips.

May 16, 2000-

   Everyone check the Independence War Forum and wish a Happy Birthday to the IWHQ!

    Vesper, of the Pirate Coalition, has been kind enough to allow me to host her stories on my site, finally expanding the stories section of this page. Besides her other superb I-War works, she has given me a completely new story called "The Hidden", which deals with the peace conferences that lead to the New Commonwhelth. So, check out the stories page on the frame above or click here.

May 14, 2000-

   I hope you all are wishing mothers a Happy Mother's Day! Brett has found some new screenshots on the Inforgrames site, many which are from other elements of gameplay we havn't seen. So check those out by clicking here.

    In other news, Stephen Robertson of Particle Systems has informed me that they have not gotten word from the PS reprisentatives at E3. However, a fan says that the display table, though small, was very impressive as a skilled player manuvered a ship with two joysticks! So, anyone who is at E3 in LA should look for I-War at the tradeshow!

May 13, 2000-

   Hope you all are enjoying the new site, but it's time to get back on track! Foam Brick has spotted 10 new I-War II screenshots at Well Rounded Entertainment. Technically, there are nine, however if you go to the ninth pic and change 'pic=iw9' with 'pic=iw10' you can see one other shot! A few new ones in this batch, which I have downloaded. I am compiling all these shots to make a single page with all of them.

Click here to go to the pics.

May 12, 2000-

   I have decided that it's time for a new look to the site. So, I have re-done Dreadnaught's Independence War Page. All the sections are about the same, with some modifications to the combat guide, stories page, and downloads. The entire navigation system of the site is changed, with the nav bar on top. By eliminating some graphics, the site should load much faster now. Also, I intend to start writing articles for the "Misc" section. If you have anything to write, or have any comments please mail me at

    In other news, FAMS has re-made his site too! So, check it out at

May 11, 2000-

   AVault has put up two really cool new screenshots from I-War II. Really, check these out at

May 11, 2000-

   Rumaging through the images directory for a graphic for the new site to come, I found this, which I hadn't seen before. It is a picture of the I-War II Heavy corvette. It is quite impressive Take a look by clicking here.

May 9, 2000-

   The long awaited "Buda 5: Minbari War" has been released! Buda5 is a full conversion for I-War to run as a Babylon 5 sim. So, run over to the Buda 5 site and config your system for this mod, which is (I think) eight months in the making.

May 5, 2000-

  More I-War II info! Vurt of the Starship Repulse has found this article at AVault that contains an interview with Particle System's own Machael Powell and Stephen Robertson. Lots of info about the game, what to all sounds really exciting! There are some great new screenshots at the bottom. Here's a quote:

People will be able to choose from a wider variety of ships but must labor hard to get them; no one will find a secondhand interceptor at a yard sale. Due to the open structure of Independence War 2, we are also introducing the concept of a base. In each base, there will be a harbor for the gamer's ships. This is where people will customize their ships and weapons.

  Here's the link: