March 31, 2001-

   After a long wait, the first rounds of I-War II Beta Tests are here! You'll note that I say "first rounds". This is because this beta test is only for those who have TNT2 or GeForce cards. It's important to note that we're not quite clear about how people were selected, as we have no official word, so don't be concerned if you have one of these cards and weren't selected (and you signed up, for that matter). Here's a copy of the acceptance letter:


You have been selected to be one of an Introductory Beta Tester (this means you get to help us make sure all our systems are up and running for the administration of the Beta Test, too!!!).

If you're no longer interested in participating in the online beta, please
reply to this and let us know. If you are interested but won't be available for a while, also please reply and let us know when you will be available.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX from , and the latest drivers for your Geforce 2 or TNT2 card. (If, for some reason, you got this and you don't have one of these two cards, please let us know that, too!)

    Special thanks to Deacon and asf_Zebra for the info provided. Hopefully the next batch of full beta tests will be out soon! :-)

March 29, 2001-

   Stephen Robertson said this about I-War 2's control interface and views:

    The padlock view in I-War 2 is called Tactical view, and you don't have a wire-frame - you have a full view of your ship.

    There's also a behind the ship arcade style view for graphical niceness.

    So, goodbye wireframe!  :-) This can be found in the Official Words section also.

    In other news, INA board moderator Rishaka is working on some I-War Archives for us so that we can view posts in the archives once they have been inactive for more than two months. Thank you Rishaka!

March 26, 2001-

   Online retailer, which apparently has a direct distribution link of some sort to the Infogrames Store, has listed I-War II's release date as early May 2001, which does not overshoot any of the previous reliable predictions made after New Years. This works for me, as school will be nearing completion and I'll have more time and less distractions holding me back from the game. Thanks to Nano for that bit.

    Also from Nano is a great list of command line switches for Independence War, which can be very useful to scripters, graphics-tinkerers, and others. You can find it by clicking here.

    In other news, a vague poll at the I-War boards has revealed that most people prefer to abbreviate "Edge of Chaos" as "EoC". Not, EOC, eoc, or any other combination you can think of. :-)

    Just to remind you all, especially the Europeans, that an active and rapidly-growing EoC UK board is available here.

    Finally, some very odd problems with my I-War Defiance game engine has postponed the development of the training mission. I'm very sorry to say this, but for some reason running the engine causes massive windows graphics corruption and eventually leads to errors with my system kernel. I'm working on the problem and I think an eventual re-installation is in order.   

March 23, 2001-

   Something I missed while I was away this summer, JohnCS has made a scripting utility called "Scaler", a program that allows people making ship files to re-orient or re-coordinate weapons, dockpoints and lights. on a custom ship. You can download the 225kb file at the Buda5 website by clicking here. You can also check out JohnCS' thread right here.

    Also, Cormorant has posted the ship file for his Vulture Class Escort, a convoy escort based on the Cormorant ship design. You can copy and paste the ship info as you like from this thread.

March 21, 2001-

   I have made a script and ship file for trying out a Dreadnaught corvette with the PBCXL. Click here to download (5Kb) or go to Downloads --> Other.

March 19, 2001-

   Well, the site troubles didn't really interfere with the news flow, as there really wasn't any news in the past couple of days. All I've got is a new I-War II preview at AVault with some screenies. Apparently, this author isn't well-versed on the original Independence War, in which players commanded the "Dreadnaught Starcruiser" or some other name made-up by the reviewer. :-) Click here to go to the article.

    My site access seems to be fine now, so I think that it's all back to normal. *Sigh of relief*

March 17, 2001-

   Sorry for the lack of updates, but my site has been down and so has my FTP. Or so it seems...I can't access my site or any Geocities site from my computer, however after finally getting to my web-stats it seems that many people are coming to the site indeed. So, apologies again for not updating, I think it's my own computer problem or something.

    I have to leave now, but I'll put up the updates I would have made during the week later tonight.

March 12, 2001-

   Yehaw! New previews and beautiful new screenshots for all of us! The first is a little Hebrew article at this Israeli website.

    More significantly, has a great new review of I-War II available here. The article has some great screenshots and some good feedback, however the author does note that the game was a bit slow, however he reassures us that these problems are being addressed by a maniac Particle Systems team, working to meet deadlines.

    With the lateness of the Multiplayer Beta as well as the demo, concerns are being raised about the lack of contact with the Particle Systems team in relation to the release of the game. The community is worried that perhaps the team has had to cancel the demo and the Beta due to bugs that have forced them to devote all of their time to. However, we are hopeful. It is funny to note that the article listed the (cancelled) Dreamcast version of the game due March 2001 for pre-order. :-)

March 11, 2001-

   Okay, I have updated the FAQ with tips for using the Aggressor Shields and help with the mission "Broken Contact".

    In other news, Stephen Robertson made these comments about I-War II, thanks to some questioning by Nanoprobe:

    You can use a mouse to play the game, as the control system is fully remappable, and very, very flexible. We're still optimising mouse control at this time, as it will need some tweaking to get it right.

    Antimatter shockwaves.... wait and see :-)

    We can't do streaming screenshots. A 32bit 640x480 screenshot is 901k, and a 1600x1200 shot is 5.6mb! That sort of throughput is not possible even on a very fast hard disk.

    If you use the autopilot to take you through an L-Point then you'll go into a traffic queue that'll take you safely through. You can manually capsule jump without having to queue, but you run the risk of colliding with ships that are queuing to jump.

This can be found in the Official Words section.

    Finally, I have done some quick polling of sorts and found that, indeed, my site is a bit slow. So, when I get tim either during or at the end of this week, I will work with some tips I have recieved on making the initial loading much faster for us modem-users.

March 10, 2001-

   Sorry about the lack of news updates, however I will be putting up some new FAQ portions tommarow.

March 7, 2001-

   Duffy has completed his second mission, check it out at Blue Frontier. He's really pumping them out! This one is about a fouled-up weapons test.

    Also, Redag has revealed himself as an author- buy his book! :-)

March 6, 2001-

   Special thanks to Nanoprobe and one of his fans, who was tipped him off about this Daily Radar Article about Microsoft XBox. The article features Particle Systems' Glyn Williams speaking briefly about porting games from PC to XBox. I think it's safe to assume that work is continuing on Particle Systems' "secret" FPS title.

    You'll also notice that there is a "Dreadnaught's Edition" newswire on, so be sure to put it in your preferences to keep up with me! :-)

March 4, 2001-

   Just in case some of you forgot, I've got a full keylist for Independence War in text format. Click here to load it. I'll also put it up on the Other section of the downloads page, which I neglected to do the first time.

    I also forgot to post up Stephen Robertson's comments about the I-War II scripting language, to be called POG:

The scripting language is called POG and is very C-like in its syntax. Almost everything in the game is scriptable, including a large part of the user interface. The script language is used to create packages of routines which can be exported and used by other packages. It's very flexible indeed.

   You can also find this in the Official Words section.

    The only other news I can think of is that I have added Greb to the Community Charter (apologies for the lateness, Greb), and listed Captain Anon's e-mail that he recently gave me.

March 3, 2001-

  Duffy has completed his first mission, accessable from Blue Frontier. Also, most apologies to Greb, whom I neglected to put in the Community Charter! Check it out, if you have not already.

    Buda5's Merciful has informed us that the Buda5 website is indeed alive, but not quite fully operational. To access the site, one must go to The previous shortcut /buda5/ is not working for the servers.

    Finally, I have archived the February 2001 news, check it out in the Archives.

March 2, 2001-

   In some exciting news, the new ATFW site has gone live! You can find it active and updated at Yes, that's this web page listed on the top. :-) Enjoy the new ATFW!

    Also, I have noticed that there is a lot of increased traffic to this site. So, if you're ever far from you're home computer and can't remember the geocities address for this site, you may find a bit easier to access the site with.

March 1, 2001-

   Hello there, everyone! I just wanted to put this update at the beginning of the month to let some news accumulate. You'll note that I have not archived the February 2001 news, as I plan to leave it there for a few days just in case some of the born-again members who have come out of lurking need to get up-to-date.

    Thanks to David Skelton for linking us to this high-quality screenshot set from the NVida GeForce3 website, advertising their new card by showing some really nice screenshots from I-War II. Good choice on their part! :-)

    I have been invited to and accepted membership in The Space Sim Network. It's a webring of fan sites devoted to space sims. You can access the ring at the ring page or on the links page. In another addition to the links page, community member Duffy has begun his new website Blue Frontier. It's a good start and I look forward to what Duffy does with the site.

    Continuing the buildup of support for the Community Charter, FAMS and Lord Cronus have signed up. Check out the Community Charter.

    Finally, thanks to Vesper for pointing out that AlphaRomeo 81 has also gone strait to hell, joining other notables such as Adam Kieffer :-D -

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    If you see that any  board member or yourself has taken the path to the underworld, don't hesitate to e-mail me. Maybe I can compile them into an archive or something. :-)

= = = LATER = = =

    If you are a sensible person who isn't easily offended, I urge you to read FAMS' article about homosexuality, available from the left-hand sidebar of SoL Industries. Very well done, FAMS!