March 31, 2000-

   Colin McDuff was kind enough to scan in an article about the upcoming release of Independence War II from Gamespot (the printed magazine, not online :-). It is a large download of the zipped image at 200k, but the article is worth a read. Click here to download or go to Downloads -> Other

    The actual article is now available at GamespotUK. So, it's more readable :-) Click here to jump to the article. Special thanks to a re-awakened FoamBrick of StarshipRepulse for this tip.

March 16, 2000-

   Gamespot has realeased some preliminary information about Independence War II! The game is to be subititled "The Edge of Chaos" and will feature the player wondering through that I-War universe we all love so much assisting a son take vengance upon his father's death. Two cool screens showing Police PatComs and some sort of station or biodome. The game promises a more realistic universe with Pirates, Merchants and such.

    Well, the long-awaited info is here and I'm breathless! So, take a look at the article by clicking here.   Interstingly enough, gamespot said I-War II is coming out on Dreamcast. I'll ask Particle Systems about that one...

March 05, 2000-

   Sorry for the lack of updates, but nothing significant has happened in the I-War comunity and I have been spending a lot of my online time on Planetarion.

    However, I have made a new movie! This is a small promo for Buda5, the upcoming Babylon 5 mod for I-War. It's not my best, certainly, but I think it's alright. Check the movies section of the downloads page or click here (2.5 MB Zipped AVI).

    There is also a version of this movie with music by Benjamin Brittan that I feel fits better. Click here to download (same size).