June 28, 2001-

   Now that the Particle has a little load taken off them, the official Particle Systems website has been updated.

    I have posted the first opinions of the new game, they are available by clicking here or by going to the top link in the Misc Section.

    Funny that only now I put up these reviews, as I am leaving for one month tomorrow. Yes, as with last year, it's off to Europe for French education! Although this year, I'm not in France but just down the road in Switzerland. If you want to read more details, check out my post on the message board about the trip. While there may be computers there, it is unlikely that I will find any sort of system (or the time) to do website updates. I will be gone from June 29 until July 27, 2001. Enjoy your summers and be sure to tune back in to the website once I get back!!

    So, as with last July, if you see a confused, English-speaking redhead named Eric, you have stumbled upon Dreadnaught. My luck Europe tried to kill me last summer (see August 1-6, 2000 archive), let's see how trip one goes! :-)

June 26, 2001-

   Check out the official Independence War Website again for a screenshot-of-the-day section.

    JU88 is the first posting member of the I-War community to own I-War II!! Yay! See this thread for his comments as of now.

    As a point of interest, take a look at this. This is the Atari game named "I-War" that caused the US release of our favorite game to be named "Independence War". If you want to, check out the Production History of I-War for more background. Thanks to Antiriad for finding the Atari version bit. It has been pointed out that because Infogrames owns the rights to Atari, perhaps the use of Independence War is no longer nescesary in the US. However, I think that the designers of this game (Imagitec) probably own the rights. And I like Independence War better too. :-)

June 22, 2001-

   The official Independence War Website has been updated with screenshots, reviews, an FAQ, and more. Worth the visit.

    CDMag.com's game supplier, Chips and Bits, has the Dreamcast version of Edge of Chaos listed for release this month and the PC version out in August. It should be noted that the Dreamcast version was cancelled months ago and that the site is very much wrong. This site is regarded as a poor game supplier in the first place, so it's not recommended you try it at all.

June 21, 2001-

   It's the longest day of the year! Yay! :-D

    Okay, first off Firing Squad has reviewd our favorite Demo, take a look here. The reviwer seemed to like the game.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, Edge Magazine gave it a 6 out of 10. Antiriad has been kind enough to scan the article.

    Stephen Robertson talked a bit about shockwaves in IWII:

There are shockwaves in the game. One of their side effects is that they encourage you to be a 'good' pirate, making ships surrender rather than destroying them. This is because if you blow up a freighter the resulting shockwave could destroy the cargo pods you're trying to steal. Shockwaves not only damage anything near, they also push objects along with the shockwave. This can include you!

June 19, 2001-

   Stephen Robertson said this about the naming structure of I-War II:

    [It will be] Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos in the US, because there's something else called 'Edge Of Chaos' and putting the Independence War 2 in front prevents conflicts with the other name. Also Independence War is better known in the US, so it makes sense to put Independence War first.

    [It will be]
Edge Of Chaos: Independence War 2 in Europe, as the Independence War name isn't as well known, and putting the Edge of Chaos first makes for a more attractive name, and also emphasises that this is an entirely new game, and not an add-on.

    Steve also mentioned that PC Format UK gave Edge of Chaos an 87%, slightly lower than the original's 89%. Krazed was quick to point out that PC Format's standards are changed nearly annually, making them more stringent and thus invalidating comparisons to games rated one or two years ago.

Finally, Gamespot has some new and old screens up, check them out by clicking here.

June 18, 2001-

   Congrats to Craig Clark, friend of Reaperman and noted I-War fan modeler for his new job at Particle Systems! He starts on July 2. Isn't that cool? A fan becomes an employee. :-D

June 16, 2001-

   Check out EdgeofChaos.net, it's been updated.

June 14, 2001-

   Yeah, I was- uh- letting the news collect...

    It would appear that the North American (and other nationality) release of I-War II will be in August. The game could go Gold by the end of this month but will be only be released in late August. This information comes from Infogrames, via VoodooExtreme and Adrenaline Vault.

     An Italian website reviewed I-War II and gave it a 90%! Click here to read the English review. They cater to us English speakers quite nicely, don't they? :-)

    Check out this thread for information about changing your joystick patterns to make the POV switch control the lateral thrusters. Thanks to Useless_Thing.

    Very special thanks to Mostly Harmless, who devised a way for the scripting-inclined to improve the lighting in their original Independence War games. Check out the Technical FAQ under "I have a non-Voodoo video card. Why won't Independence War play with accelerated graphics with my card?".

June 12, 2001-

    I-War 2 was reviewed in the latest (July 2001) issue of PC Gamer in the UK, scoring an 85% and a 'Game Of Distinction' award. "Everything I-War 2 does, it does very well" says the review.

    I was going to do this, however I got caught up in things and I just checked only to find that ATFW beat me to it, but here is a summary of some recent information directly from Stephen Robertson:

    The game will come in a DVD-style packaging containing two CDs- an install disc and a play disc, the latter containing the movies and such. Because most of the cut-scenes are real-time, much space has been saved. Because of the smaller size of the box, the printed manual will not be as large as the previous game, however there is a "huge" encyclopedia inside the game that will supplement the universe.

The shelf-arrival dates have been hovering between this Friday and June 29th, I guess we'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, my money set aside for I-War II has been poured into birthday presents for my best girl-friend (not a romantic girl-friend) so I'm a little low on cash. However, I'm trying to secure enough to both buy the game and upgrade my system to play it.

June 11, 2001-

   A new review of the I-War II Demo by Adam Kieffer. Adam wishes to express that, contrary to the warnings of Stephen Robertson, he was able to get the Demo to run fine with his Voodoo Banshee. Go figure. :-) Anyway, click here to go to the Demo review page.

June 9, 2001-

   This is slightly older news, but Stephen Robertson posted this about I-War II's POG scripting language:

   There's no custom mission / script editor for I-War 2. All game content is coded in the game's POG script language, then compiled using the POG compiler into a 'package'. The game uses dozens of these packages to run the game content. Packages can use routines defined in other packages, and in this way you can create your own utilities for use in missions, etc. A package can do virtually anything: It could be a single mission, the story structure that runs missions, space traffic routines, even the user interface - anything.

    It's very, very, flexible.

June 6, 2001-

   This is the 57 anniversary of D-Day everyone, so a toast to that fateful day when the greatest force of evil the world has ever known began to crumble under the weight of the good guys. :-)

    Forgot to post this, however Stephen Robertson informed us that I-War II will not work with a Voodoo Banshee card. Unfortunately, that specific card has driver issues that the Particle Systems team couldn't work around.

    No word on the US release of the game for all those who have been asking.

June 5, 2001-

I-War II has Gone Gold in Europe!

   That's right! Stephen Robertson of Particle Systems posted today that Infogrames declared Independence War 2: The Edge of Chaos has been finalized and authorized for replecation in English, French, and German for European distribution. No word on the US or other national releases, however I will of course keep you informed.

    In addition, a Beta version of the game was reviwed by the excellent Finnish gaming magazine Pelit. The reviewer, who also reviwed the original I-War, game our very favorite sequel a 97%! That is one of their highest ratings in history! His only gripes about the game were the lack of in-mission save points and lack of mission difficulty. If an English translation of the review comes up, I'll be sure to post it.

June 2, 2001-

    All news from May 2001 has been archived in the May 2001 archives. I'll just summarize the exciting news from the past week for you all:

    A kind site visitor named Mr. Feldman has been so friendly as to send me a CD version of the I-War II Demo and Beta! I received the CD yesterday and have installed the demo. It is running slowly and jerkily for me, so I have to work on getting it to flow more smoothly on my system. However, as I am in finals testing, I will not have time to really go over the demo until next week or so. I'll probably have to find some way to get more RAM for my system. Nonetheless, let's have a big, world-hugging thank you for Mr. Feldman!         THANK YOU, said the entire world.


June 1, 2001-

    Stephen Robertson posted this about flight modes in I-War II:

In assisted mode the flight computer fires thrusters to make the flight dynamics approximate those of an aircraft.

In non-assisted mode, it's up to you to counter the ship's inertia. This is very tricky, and is really best used by expert players, who can use it to perform some really advanced maneuvers.

The high starfield quality option draws thousands of static stars, which can affect the framerate, so you have the option of turning it off.

The Anti-Aliased HUD lines / Orb stalks options turn on and off the smoothing on the movement lines and other HUD lines. Turning them off increases the framerate on some PCS.

The other options are fairly self explanatory. In general:

Slider to the left = high performance / low quality
Slider to the right = low performance / high quality

In combat -

Use the WASD movement keys to help control your ship
Don't fly too fast
Try to anticipate the enemy ship's movement.
Point your ship at the enemy to protect your vulnerable engines.

    Eurogamer previewed I-War II in this article.

    I'm still very busy right now, so no time to archive the news until late tommarow.