June 29, 2000-

   Well, I'm gone again. This time I deported to France for a month. This trip is to learn the language well with the other kids that will be in my group. Thus, we all have to sign a contract that forbids us to speak English unless in an emergency situation. I don't really want to go on the trip, but I'm sure I'll have fun and, with some luck, come back with a better understanding of the French language than my grade in that class suggests.

    I leave today and come back on August 1. I debated giving the site to someone else while I was away, but I refrained firstly because my FTP has gotten a little messed up and lastly because the password I use for updating this site the same password I use for almost everything else. So, this page will not be updated until my return. I'm sure there will be plenty of I-War and I-War II news, so do keep up with things with other people's news. However, I do expect you all to start visiting here once I get back :-)

    So, if any French I-War fan sees a red-haired 15 year old who you can't communicate with, know that you've stumbled upon Dreadnaught :-D I hope you all enjoy the summer (or whatever season it is where you are), and I will see you all soon!

June 28, 2000-

   For some time now, a dedicated fan of I-Was has been making an I-War mod for Homeworld. That's right, you play Independence War with the Homeworld missions. Well, Spaceman has completed the first stage of his mod by texturing an S-Fighter for the Homeworld game engine. While I don't have Homeworld, I encourage all Homeworld-ers to check out the I-War to Homeworld TC, which has a great site design too!

June 26, 2000-

   Very sorry for the news delay! I have been in California for the past five days and, while I had internet access, I could not update my news page. So, I am very sorry. Here is what's been happening:

+ Particle Systems may be branching out into the FPS realm and it will most likely be that their next game will be made for the Microsoft XBox. Check out this Daily Radar article for an interesting interview with Glyn Williams.

+ J. "Bronzite" Brewer, author of the famous "Mission Control" Independence War scripting program, has made a second release of the program! This version is far more advanced and contains numerous enhancements to I-War scripters. So, download away by clicking here.

+ I have a series of new missions from a Mr. Eato, who contacted me by e-mail. While I disagree with his ideas of how the plot works (these missions feature COSA as a peaceful force), missions are always fun. :-) Here are the following downloads:

    -Eato 1.zip (4KB)

    -Eato 3.zip (5KB)

    -Eato 4.zip (4KB)

June 18, 2000-

    Happy Father's Day to the paternal I-War fathers out there (I can think of two at the moment). Mericful, of Buda5 has recently translated an article in the Finnish Pelit computer gaming magazine, reviewing the exciting Buda5, the superb I-War mod for a Babylon 5 sim. The writer of the article interviews out own Indie (Anssi Luomaranta), who talks about certain aspects of development of the mod. For a look at how truly unique I-War can be, check out this translation.

June 16, 2000-

   SimonDr, the acclaimed chief modeler for Buda5 also has his own webpage that I somehow never noticed :o. He has just uploaded neat tutorial about how to texture with I-War models, something which I'm sure plenty have been awaiting for a long time. I sure have! In addition, all of the Buda5 models he has done are featured on this page, with some other cool 3D renderings. So, check his page out at http://www.simondr.freewire.co.uk/

June 11, 2000-

   Due to some Geocities problems *runs and hides*, FAMS has re-designed and moved his page to it's own URL! Check his new site out at S o L Industires for a real treat. Also look for a possible re-design of my site.

June 10, 2000-

   Look what I found! A really great, in-depth look at Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos! I really reccomend you read this. So, check out the Misc Page for the article or click here.

    However, in a note of bad news the Infogrames board crashed for the today for the 4th time in it's nearly seven month run as our new home. We are all very annoyed and wondering if it's because there are too many posts or if a hacker has hit again. In the meantime, I am using the auxiliary name of Spartacus on the board, just so that I don't risk having my original "Dreadnaught" name deleted.

June 9, 2000-

    Well...there goes Microsoft...if anyone has an article they would like to write about the Microsoft case, just e-mail it to me and I'll put it up.

    In other news, our own long-time board member McDuff has graduated from high school! We're all very happy for him, as he starts his first year of college next year. Congrats to McDuff and the best of luck to him.

June 3, 2000-

   Happy June! I'm in my finals right now, so I again wish the best of luck to all the students out there. I am now a hubsite for Nanoprobe's awsome Collider Ring, so check his site out because it's great and I'm a hubsite now, which gives me the ability to divert his visitors here and also to post my "status" :-)

    In addition, I have ripped and uploaded the Independence War II "Action Theme" from the 30 MB I-War II: EOC trailer. It's a 614 Kb zipped MP3, but this is really cool music that will be featured in the upcoming game. Either go to Downloads -> Other or click here. If you missed the spectacular Defiance action theme, click here to download that.

    Beth, of ATFW, has released some new I-War II shots on the ATFW I-War II Screenshots Page, so I urge all devoted fans to check that out! Have a good day!