August 29, 2001-

   Stephen Robertson posted this link about a bug in DirectX 8 that makes the sound acceleration of the software tax more system resources than are necessary. For those of you with stuttering sound problems with EoC, it would be worthwhile to follow the link and try the fix out, as it has worked for some people. I implemented the fix anyways just to free up system resources while playing EoC.

    Just in case you're considering buying Edge of Chaos and are wondering what system specs you need to play the game, click here or go to the requirements page in the Misc. Section for more information.

August 28, 2001-

   Just in case you need some more info, the link to I-War II Online is Look for the EoC Online section.

    Being their product, Particle Systems is keeping good tabs on reviews of Edge of Chaos. Check them out.

August 27, 2001-

   Did some checking around and there's really no new news.

    I went to a store today and bought the US version of Independence War 2, so it is indeed in stores so go buy it now! :-p

August 26, 2001-

   Phew! Sorry that I've missed updates for the past five days, but a two-day trip upstate with my friend unexpectedly turned into a five day trip! I'll get cracking on some news and update it tonight.

August 22, 2001-

   Check out this thread, where Particle Systems' Vincent Formosa gives some I-War II piracy tips. They may not be new to all of us, but useful to read nonetheless.

    A secret project of the Particle Systems that only a few of us were privy to, Edge of Chaos online is now public. Take a look at the announcement.

    If you're in the US and aren't lucky enough to have I-War II, the wait is almost over! While the official word is that it will be out this Friday, some info has been circulated that it should be in some stores within the next 24 hours! I guess we'll just have to see...

August 19, 2001-

   I have added Craig Clark to the links page. Mr. Clark is a superb I-War artist; he's so good that Particle Systems hired him! I recommend that you see some of his stuff!

    A new fan of the game, Captain Halowse, has made a custom Force-Feedback joystick profile for I-War II. Simply download the file and unzip it to the /resource/forcefeedback/ folder. For Mr. Halowse's comments on his new profile, check out this thread at the Ina-Community.

    Due to the fact that my host for almost all of my movie files has gone out of business, I have pulled the Movies section of the downloads page. I just found out about the closing today, so thank you all  who were kind enough to point out the broken links and I am sorry that I didn't find out the problem sooner.

August 18, 2001-

   Check out this link for some awsome hi-res screenshots by The Merciful.

    Also take a look at this new Mod Site that I saw posted about on the UK forums too

August 14, 2001-

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos has gone gold for a US release! If things go well, the game should be available by August 25th. Of course, I've been playing my modified French version, but I'll be buying this one too. :-) Yay! Congrats to Particle Systems!

August 13. 2001-

    Check out Cormorant's Portland Class Truck, a very creative use of original I-War models, namely the pastie. I'd love to see a mission with this thing! Scripting ship info can be found here.

August 12, 2001-

   Not much news, especially since I was in Florida. However, the Infogrames Community Forum was briefly hacked, resulting in the creation of a "whatever" forum.

August 6, 2001-

   Click here to see FAMS' 7MB History of I-War MPEG movie. A warning, however, the last minute contains spoilers.

August 5, 2001-

   Sorry about the lapse in updates, however there really hasn't been that much news. Although you all should check out, a beautiful new site by SoupDragon devoted to I-War II. Dragon has just added an IW2 ship guide for your viewing pleasure.

August 3, 2001-

   I'm going to keep what little July 2001 news I have online and just archive it come September.

    The German magazine PCGames gave Edge of Chaos a disappointing 67%. The game only got a two paragraph review on a single page, which cited beautiful graphics, sound, and story but said that the game was too hard. The rest of the page was devoted to cheats and tips with an included cover CD with the patch and a video. Oh well, can't win them all. Thanks to blcline for this newsbit.

    Meanwhile, check out to see some Edge of Chaos advertising in action.

July 31, 2001-

   In celebration of their 100th issue, PC Gamer UK has made a list of their 100 best games. Despite the fact that Edge of Chaos has been out for little more than a month, EoC scored #53! Check out this thread by Jimbocop with a quote from the article. If you're too lazy to check, you should know that the game was said to be a "masterpiece...deserves your dollars." Our little game is doing quite well, isn't it? :-)

July 30, 2001-

   Check out Starship Repulse for Redag's multi-part, detailed review and critique of Independence War II. Worth the look.

    Also, according to SR, Merciful has an I-War II crosshair mod available here.

July 29, 2001-

   I'm back! My summer taking French classes in Switzerland wasn't that fun, but not as bad as I feared it would be. On the plus side, I do now have I-War II! Alas, this is a French version, however I will either get the text dialogue converted to English or simply play in French until the US version comes out in about three weeks.

    In my abscense, fans from the game have been steadily coming to the forums. It's nice to see that the game is doing well. Let's see how many the Exo-European release bring in! The only very recent news is a French review of IW2, available here, getting an overall 18/20. The reviewer cites the game's great graphics and storyline, but notes difficulty in the gameplay.

    Here's a summary of what's been going on, though it's not much. News at the top is the most recent:

+ The first mod to I-War II is out! Check out the Starmap Reference Guide, an in-game version of the HTML starmap reference guide.

+ GamesDomain has a review of I-War II, giving it a 4/5, citing high difficulty levels. GamespotUK's review gave the game an 8.2/10.

+ There is an FAQ of general I-War II issues available here, made by a Stephen Robertson who probably has a lot more time on his hands now that the European version has gone gold.

    June 2001 news has been archived.

    It may interest you to know how my old system is running the game. Today I bought some RAM, giving me:

333 PII Processor | 192 MB RAM | 4-8 MB D3D Video card (not sure how much video memory I have)

    And the game runs fine! Just so you all with systems like mine can rest at ease, for it is possible to run the game on what have become lower-end systems.