January 28, 2001-

   General_H_Storm has opened up a links page at http://bombshelter.fsgs.com/links/main.cgi. I've submitted my link. Will you submit yours? :-) Also, the General now has Greb working for his news page at Iwar2.com.

    Alpha Romeo 81 has revamped his Cosmos - A personal view website, which contains much of his hand-drawn and computer-enhanced artwork. Check it out, this stuff is really great!

    Finally Nanoprobe has released his Dev notes on what I think could be the best scripting tool ever, an install slabbing tool! Check these out:

1) Create a new folder that you place all your mission files in relative to the resource folder.

2) Create a slab from this directory structure, then attach the self-deslabbing stub to create an EXE.

3) When the EXE is run, it searches for the Independence War folder, runs a comparison on all the existing slabs and deslabbed files (so modified files can be backed up into another slab), then the mission slab is deslabbed into the right spots. A copy of the slab is placed in the resource folder, so when future missions are installed, a comparison is run on this slab so that the existing mission is uninstalled and the new one is deslabbed.

    Doesn't it sound neat? I'll keep you all up to date.

January 27, 2001-

   A preview for I-War II is available at Gamespot UK, click here. Nothing that special, but the last two screenshots on the last page are new and rather interesting.

    Nanoprobe has released SlabSpy 1.0, a utility that allows for the viewing I-War *.slb (slab) file contents and extract any such files of your choice. Check it out at Nano's Utilities Downloads Page. It's 2AM and I just got home, so I'm going to go to bed now and find more info tomorrow...goodnight, world.

January 24, 2001-

   I have gotten word from ATFW that the Barrysworld shutdown will, in fact, hurt them. Fortunately, they have copyright to all of the site content, so they will just have to find a new host. Beth is considering simply shelling out cash for a virtual server for reliability sake. However, nonetheless, ATFW will have to "haul ass" on Feb. 5. I'll keep you updated.

    The Corporate has discovered that Edge of Chaos.net is offline, so you can check out http://www.independencewar2.com as-per Morat's suggestion.

    Finally, I have been late in linking to Gameprofiles.com, a cool site that unites online acquaintances as well as serves as a hub site for gamers. I urge you all to check out the site with the link above or on the links page. I've written a review of I-War on their bulletin board, it's fun. :-)

January 22, 2001-

   Nanoprobe is kindly hosting the 50MB Buda5 Minbari War Campaign on his website, which has just passed the 10,000 hits mark like mine. :-) In addition, buDDhaHoLiX Anonymous has been updated! buDDhaHoLiX features such information as his bowling scores, his boredom, and the proclamation that Blair loves Kylie (of course, I won't say directly who Blair is, but you'll figure it out...).

    In some sad gaming news, unless a last-minute investment comes through, Barrysworld will shut down and liquidate all of its assets on February 5 according to this press release. The market just isn't ripe for investment in such a site, the release says. This shutdown, besides affecting numerous game clans and dedicated sites, notably will affect both Planetarion and I believe ATFW as well, both sites being hosted on Barrysworld servers. I have messaged ATFW about the issue for any info about what they will do next.

    Finally, Vesper has written an excellent Science Fiction work called "End of an Era". I suggest you read and review it by clicking here.

January 21, 2001-

    Cormorant has made a new mission, based around a fighter! Check it out at http://www.geocities.com/icormorant/.

    In addition, those of you who found that your player ship was wrongly indestructible in the last portions of Greb's most recent mission can download the new mission here, same as the old one but with that one error fixed.

January 20, 2001-

   Mr. John Hart posted this recent info about the Independence War 2 Beta Test:

I'm supposed to get the first version to test here for the multiplayer-only version any time now. After I do, we'll hammer on it here in house for about a week or so, then email all those we selected for testing (evidently over 6000 people have already signed up) with their log in and have them download the Beta.

The version that will be publicly tested will be the multiplayer aspect of the game *only*. All of the single player part of the game will be tested exclusively in-house. What we're really needing all of you for is testing all the aspects of the online side of the game that need a large number of people to properly test. So, no FMV's, but most (possibly all) of the ships and weapons will be available.

   6000 people signed up! Wow!

January 19, 2001-

   Well, the last night of the Clinton Administration. Let's welcome the new leader of the free world, former fraternity President G.W. Bush!

    Special thanks to Starship Repulse for finding this preview at Gamecenter. It has lots of new screenshots and some new info, such as telling us that Cal get's the AI Construct of Clay as a parting gift from his father.

    The New York office of Infogrames PR rep David Skelton is, sadly, being dissolved. A special thanks to David, who has provided us with so much valuable info about the new game and settled such issues as the double forums.

    Finally, on a side note, check out this article about the Surgeon General considering releasing a warning on video games on the grounds that they lead to violence. We're discussing the issue on the I-War boards right here.

January 18, 2001-

   Sorry if my dates on updates have said "2001" instead of "2001". We all just need to adjust...:-)

    Greb has made a new mission! Try out the 30 kb Demon Mission, with included custom textures! Or, of course, you can browse other missions and files at the Downloads Page.

January 17, 2001-

   Updated the Official Words page with comments by Particle System's Stephen Robertson about Jump Accelerators in I-War II. The Merciful found a screenshot example that Steve confirmed as a jump accelerator, assuming he left it uploading, take a look here.

    Apparently, on Michael Powell's press tour, the I-War II Press Kit included the nine-minute intro vid for the Edge of Chaos! Of course, who knew that it would be uploaded? Well, GameSpot did just that. Take a look here to download the vid. There are several options for the download including an 76.3MB MPG and several streaming options. Download it, but I warn you that it will be a spoiler; I am going to wait! This is the real intro, nothing more and nothing less. As Brett put it, it may just take away that thrill of installing...well, good luck and enjoy to those who will make the download.

    There were some problems with the board today as it was modified and updated into a more catchy board with the inclusion of this header image:

edgeofchaos.jpg (21674 bytes)

January 16, 2000-

   Special thanks to a returned Lord Cronus for finding this I-War II preview at Gamespot. Talks a little bit about the game, usual stuff. However, it does mention how Cal's father kills himself to destroy some of the loan sharks that try and nab him. Also included are 67 screenshots, only a few new ones that I spotted when I skimmed them.

    Board member Parias noticed this shot, which indicates a speed-limit while near stations, which I find very thoughtful and realistic! Also, the release date was listed as April 26, 2001, pushing the game to later in the spring and just two days after my birthday. :-)

January 15, 2001-

   Damn, I am sooo sorry about the site troubles! As you can read below, I was away and, for some reason, the webpage got very screwed up. I think that, due to my sisters networked computer, the FTP upload wasn't getting the correct file online. So, read the news for January 13th and here's stuff I can add:

    An run-of-the-mill I-War II summary at http://www.simextreme.com/featuredtitles/Iwar2.htm. I never heard of this site, I should check it out...

    Special thanks to Colin Ford of the Phoenix Nest for finding and scanning this I-War II article from a magazine. Not that big, take a look.

    After a blockbuster two weeks of exactly 501 hits since New Years, the site has crossed the fabled 10,000 hits mark! This is a big thing for me, I'm very excited! I thank you for your patronage and hope that I can better serve you all in the future. 

January 13, 2001-

    Hello everyone! Sorry about the gap in my updates, I almost missed a flight to San Fransisco to spend the weekend with my sister and didn't have time to go online and check up on things before I left. Fortunatly, she has an awsome computer with a DSL, so I'm contented. However, I don't have my normal web stuff, so sorry if the news page looks a little odd. If it is, it will be fine by Monday. Here's the news:

Antiriad has scanned a profile of Michael Powell on his web-page at http://www.dyce77.freeserve.co.uk/iwar2/. Check it out, it's pretty cool!

Mr. Colin Ford of the Phoenix Nest had put up a scan he found in PC Gamer about I-War II up in his downloads section. Take a look, and don't forget to see his Circles fan fiction!

There are some great new I-War II shots at Gamers.com. If not anything else in this update, check this out by clicking here. These are high-quality, close-up, and just fantastic. Check out the reaction on the I-War board. I've noticed some vestages from the old I-War such as gunstars around Hoffa and that nice cruiser shipyard we saw in Defiance.

Another I-War II preview at http://pc.ign.com/previews/14597.html. This one has some detailed character descriptions that one may find enticing. You should note that "light corvette" is really the Advanced PatCom and the movie clip is just bits from the previos trailer, available at ATFW if you haven't seen it already.

Finally, I think, there are 18 new shots at ZD Net. Take a look.

Oh, and our Infogrames friend and informant David Skelton has returned from his press tour with Mike Powell. Check out his return-update thread here.

Phew, that was a lot! :-)

January 10, 2000-

   Antiriad has been kind enough to scan and upload a two-page spread he found in the English computing magazine Edge about I-War II. Go to http://www.dyce77.freeserve.co.uk/iwar2/ to download the scan, food stains and all, which is about 300kb.

    In addition, FAMS has found a Gamespot Best of 2000 vote where, some claim, Independence War is a choice. While I don't see it, take a look for yourself. If you find it, tell me and I'll inform the masses. :-)

    Finally, if you had trouble accessing the Infogrames board yesterday, you weren't alone. :-{

January 9, 2001-

   Mr. Colin Ford has sent word that he has added to his Circles Fan Fiction at the Phoenix Nest. This series is an I-War/B5 crossover that also comes with a mission to go alongside! I urge you to check out the website and the story.

= = = = LATER = = = =

   Well, I'm back in school and the news has slowed down with the ending of the holiday season. School isn't that exciting right now, and winter in general isn't as fun. You can't spend time outside, depending on the availability of indoor places, you can't watch the sunrise (uhh...not that I do such things), and you freeze your ass off. Also, personally, my hair (normally red) gets a lot darker, which is always weird to look in the mirror and find that my hair color is hibernating or something.

    However, I have updated the Official Words section with some comments by Stephen Robertson on joystick controls for the upcoming I-War II   

January 6, 2001-

   Some more I-War II info we've been getting from the Infogrames representatives now assigned to our board. Check it out on the new I-War II Official Words page, in the Misc section or by clicking here.

    Also, there is a neat 4-page article about the upcoming game at Gamespot UK. Click here to take a look. The article discusses, among other elements of the game, the Flux graphics engine.

    FAMS has made a new movie! It depicts FAMS Wyle class ship against Cormorants modified transports. Click here to download, it's a 7MB file.

    Finally, there is a new I-War site! This site is the first clan site devoted to the upcoming Edge of Chaos. So, check out The Fleet of Glory (sounds nice, doesn't it?). TFG is now on my links page as well.

January 4, 2001-

    Special thanks to the Merciful (Buda5), who alerted us to a whole FTP server with I-War II content- check it out at ftp://ftp.download-center.com/pub/download/motion/edgeofchaos/. Also, check out this thread where I-War II rep David Skelton will be offering info on I-War II-- just ask. :-)

= =LATER= =

   Check out this I-War II preview at http://www.pcstrategygames.com/preview1.asp?reviewid=495. The guys actually went to Sheffield, England to interview the guys at PS! :-)

January 3, 2001-

   Gamespot has posted these screenshots from Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos. Some seem to be new while others are old. Nevertheless, you may want to check them out.

    Nanoprobe has fixed some bugs with his Nanoscripter, so head over to his Development Tools downloads page to get the newest bug-free version.

    Finally, I have contacted a Mr. Harnett of Infogrames PR who is dealing with I-War II. He has informed me of the possibility of an I-War II Demo, so let's keep our fingers crossed. His office is in New York City, where I live, so I may get to visit. :-)

January 2, 2001-

   Special thanks to bryantpe for finding this article about Kepler theory and other orbits, which involves LaGrange points mid-page in the article. We are discussing the article on the 'board here.

January 1, 2001-

   Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful turn-of-year and may the next year see you all well.

    A Mr. E1364 has sent me a picture of a police PatCom that he textured along with matching alert lights. It is very well done and worth the look. This is a great example of how versatile I-War can be, resulting in such ideas as this. Check the small image by clicking here.

    In addition, Mr. buDDhaHoLiX has written a New Year's column, his first piece since I blasted him about his views on American politics not long ago (check it out here). buDDhaHoLiX mentions my response as well as proclaims some first words and phrases of the new millennium that I feel you should check out. :-)

    As I'm sure you've noticed, the very long December news page has been archived in the December 2000 News Archives.