January 26, 2000-

   Long overdue, I have added the link to the Buda 5 webpage. Buda 5 is an exciting modification for I-War that contains a series of missions based on Babylon 5 episodes and movies. This mod has custom models, textures, dialogue, cutscenes redered with Lightwave 3D- the works! Check out the links page for the link. Or click here to go right to the page.

January 25, 2000-

   I have my old username back! Let's hear it for Brent at Infogrames who was able to delete the old, corruped username and allow me to re-register. I have none of the post count I had before, but know to add 450 posts whenever looking up the profile for Dreadnaught.

    Also, SuperFly has been so kind as to search for all posts relating to scripting. Because of the crash, every new topic overwrites an old topic. So, to lose any pertinent information I will archive and catagorize the files he found and put them on this site. Sit tight, and they'll be here soon.

January 24, 2000-

   FAMS has re-done his site to look more COSA. Check it out at http://www.geocities.com/iwar_fams/ . Also on his new site, click here to see his page with the official rules for the scripting competition. Script away, let's make this contest rule!

January 23, 2000-

   In a hellish blaze of bits and bytes, the message boards for Silver, TAW, and Independence War were erased today. We are starting from scratch! In a valiant effort to contact our moderator, I tried to post on the TAW board. This crashed the TAW board, and I have lost my username.

    So, it all starts from scratch. I hope to get my username soon, but for the moment, I am under Dreadnt. But please still call me Dreadnaught, for memory's sake? :-)

    In other news, I have become an affiliate of the Infinite Fleet. Check todays news by clicking on the Infinite Fleet logo in my frame to see their update. Thank you AFTW!

January 22, 2000-

  I have just updated the links and mission downloads section. Also, as per "SuperFly"'s suggestion, I have added a link at the bottom of each page that will go back to the news page. Also, I have just noticed and corrected the fact that all of my news updates of the new millenium had the year "1999" on them. :o

January 21, 2000-

   I have entered the I-War scripting competition being hosted by FAMS. You won't see the mission unti April, but I assure you all that we will have some very nice missions from around the world in this contest.

January 16, 2000-

   Well, the site needed some re-modeling, so I re-did the frame and added a ship-guide! While you won't notice the work on the frame, you'll see the new ship guide quite evidently. The guide has pictures of the Dreadnaught and Spartacus alongside each other. Simply click on a section and read my own write-ups about the ship systems. While this section is modeled after the one at the Independence War Site, and uses many of its images, all the writing is my own with more detailed descriptions. Enjoy!

January 8, 2000-

   I have managed to extract the Defiance "action theme" from the Defiance trailer and MP3'ed it for anyone's enjoyment. This is a very fine piece of climatic music, that many have wanted but few have been able to get from the video. Well, go on to the downloads page in the "Other" section, or just click here to download the 412 KB zipped MP3.

January 7, 2000-

   Indie has posted up some absolutely fabulous screenshots and cutscene shots from the upcoming Buda5 release, full version. Here is the link for his forum post where he has posted the links to these pictures. Take a look, and get excited; this is going to completely change the I-War community!

January 3, 2000-

   Let me take this moment to wish you all a Happy New Year. And to announce my latest mission! This is the ongoing series about "COSA 19703", a COSA corvette. This mission is called "Destroyer Escort". The name is pretty explanatory of the plot, but download and have fun escorting a malfunctioning destroyer- and stay out of trouble! Check it out at the "missions" section of the downloads page.