February 25, 2001-

   Two new signers- Tyr and Adam Kieffer- to the Community Charter. Nothing else new, I don't think...

February 23, 2001-

    General_H_Storm pointed out this review of I-War II. The reviewer doesn't believe that the game is going to suit a wider audience, but I guess we will see. If you ask me, he's a jaded reviewer who needs to lighten up and let's all hope that he is wrong. :-) Take note of an interview on the last page.

   Thanks to Vurt, who found this DailyRadar preview. Nothing really new, but some screenies I haven't seen yet. Then again, I have not finished viewing those 102 shots...

    It is my great pleasure to announce a new preamble to the I-War Community Charter, written by Bellies, who rightly informed me that the first one sounded somewhat snotty, disassociated those who may not know what a Dark Newbie is, and needed to emphasize the the unofficial status of the charter. Thus, check out the I-War Community Charter for the new pre-amble and the signature of Bellies and his addition of his name to the credits. Thank you very much, Bellies!

February 22, 2001-

   After some amiable discussion, some issues have been worked out and I am pleased to announce that the Tal'Shiar Clan is back in commission! Contact Duffy if you want to join.

    I have gotten lots of positive response to the I-War Community Charters, so I am pleased to announce five new signers. Check it out if you haven't already.

February 20, 2001-

   Sorry for the lack up updates, but my trip in Florida only permitted me to post on the message board- not to make any news updates.

    Check out Adam Kieffer's Lone Cougar Productions for some pending updates. He's uploaded the menu page, but the other changes are not quite in effect. Nevertheless, check it out!

    After much controversy and debate, the Tal'Shiar Clan has closed its doors. Perhaps Duffy will re-vitalize the clan at a later date, I am not sure. However, for now, the clan is not taking any new members.

    In light of recent community happenings and some brainstorming threads about conduct and clans, I have compiled the input into the Independence War Community Charters. I urge you all to read the charters and, if you feel so compelled, sign up! Just e-mail me your pseudonym and e-mail address (optional) and I'll put you up. The more names we have, the better place the I-War community will be! :-)

   I have updated the FAQ with gameplay tips for the original campaign missions of Extreme Prejudice and At All Costs.

    Finally, ATFW has gotten their new URL and is making preparations for the move. The new site is at http://www.space-combat.net/ but there is not yet any content.

February 17, 2001-

    Thanks to Spikey for finding this new 33MB I-War II trailer at http://free.pelit.fi/uutiset/trailerit/edge_of_chaos_video1.mov. It's a QuickTime movie, so you'll need QuickTime to view it. For those such as myself and Brett who are purposely not viewing the intro movie online, don't worry; there aren't really any spoilers to that end. Rather, this is a flashy trailer that has seemed enjoyable so far. So, check it out and enjoy!

    I am going on a nice trip to Florida tomorrow (Saturday) until Tuesday evening. I will be bringing a laptop, however users who know my site well have observed that when I go on trips, my updates tend to screw up the site some. So, apologies in advance if that happens.

February 15, 2001-

   Hard Light Productions, a space-sim mods hub page, has added an I-War II section. It's not really filled, but will be when the game comes out. A personal suggestion to people thinking of starting clans- there's no reason to really do that now. The game is two months off, none of us have played it, and I don't think many people (or at least just me) are ready to commit to a clan yet.

    James Moore, of Particle Systems, informed us that the player in I-War II will be able to mount true beam weapons on their ship, one such type being a mining beam normally good for asteroids but good for short-range damage.


    I have gotten a few hits to my website from this page: http://www.gamekult.com/tout/jeux/fiches/J000000086.html

    It's a French preview of I-War II and at the bottom is a list of resources for the game. Yup, Nano and I are the featured fans sites! I'll translate for y'all:

Colliderring- A very complete page concerning the game that polishes one up (?) in the I-War universe. Scripting, downloads, database...a great reference for the fans.

Dreadnaught's- A fan site that is slightly austere, but does a very good job documenting and giving info while also covering the numerous bits concerning every detail of the I-War fan base, piloting techniques and weapons info.

February 13, 2001-

    FAMS has moved his website to http://sol-industries.net-games.com. He has done this for reasons mostly concerning space and upload access to his old URL at SolIndustries.co.uk. So, now there are two I-War sites at NetGames. By the way, in case you hadn't realized (I sure didn't), the "Sol" in "Sol Industries" is an acronym for "Speed Of Light", relating to FAMS previous site name "3 x 10^8 Industries", with 3e8 being the speed of light. Clever, huh?

    Special thanks to Vurt of the Starship Repulse for finding this I-War II status report at AVault. Contains to good info and some system specs. We've already seen the specs, but at least they're not going up! This game will push my machine. :-(

    Upon queries about that rumored Particle Systems FPS title, David Skelton spoke about it with this short bit:

Their next title...blew us away when we saw it. I wonder if they are showing it at E3. If they are, it should be BIG news. And I think that there are also plans to expand the I-War universe. We are probably talking 3-4 years down the line, though.

Always good to know.

In other news, our own long-time board member Adam Kieffer (AKA McDuff) reached a post-count milestone yesterday:

adam666.gif (1361 bytes)

    Adam has informed me that he plans to head strait to hell within the next week or so for due purgatory with Satan. He then plans to take a year off to tour the scalding Sulfur Flats of the underworld before commencing his eternal damnation. Kidding of course, I should clear that up!

    Finally, the site crossed 11,000 hits! Wow! That was quick, it took just over a month. January saw 973 hits, so close to 1000 in a month and it took just another week to cross that 11,000 boundary. Of course, thanks to you all for the support!

    And that's news for today.   

February 11, 2001-

   Acclaimed I-War mod Buda5 requires voice talents for their upcoming Raider Campaign- a 24-mission Babylon 5 story. All you need is a microphone, so check out the details at the Buda5 website. I'll be submitting my own voice crap- I mean voice talent once my throat gets at least a little bit better, so maybe you'll get to hear me. Wow, isn't that exciting? :-) As you can see, February Misery has hit me.

    In addition, Barrysworld-hosted Talent For War should be going down soon once Barrysworld closes its doors and server ports for good. The site managers Beth, John, Maniac, and I believe some new additions to the team are getting ready for the move, planning to add features during the server switchover to a new (hopefully permanent) host. This may delay the re-opening of the site, unfortunately, but I'm sure that all will end well.

February 10, 2001-

   Another wave of previews! The first is compliments of Starship Repulse's Vurt, who found a preview of Roger Godfrey here, at IGN. Mr. Godfrey talks about several gameplay aspects and even us, the fan community, gets credit for "some interesting missions"! Apparently, there are also two Steve/Stephen Robertsons on the Dev Team, unless there's a typo. :-)

    Also, special thanks to Parias for spotting this preview of 102 new screenshots that Infogrames sent to them. Yes, I said 102! I'll update links if I find some interesting ones, click here to check them out. Hardnews.org is dispensing them with a weekly dosage if you want that.

    This being an unofficial Beta Test due-date, Mr. Hart of the Beta Test team commented yesterday that "It was decided that this version wasn't quite good enough to send out. I believe we get another version today..." So, perhaps soon...

February 7, 2001-

    Feel like I should put up some news, so here's some stuff that David Skelton has posted up about the upcoming Edge of Chaos:

    This will be the first game that takes full advantage of DirectX 8, and will have full Hardware T&L compatability. I have seen resolutions from 640x480x16 up to 1600x1200x32. If you have a top-of-the-line graphics card, you will see some amazing stuff.
    I-War 2 is also to be compatible with all versions of Windows 95 and above. This includes 95, 98, ME, & 2000. In fact, during the press tour, Mike Powell preferred Win2K, due to its stability.

   This is also on the Official Words page.

February 2, 2001-

   I've been sick and bedridden for the past two days now and thus unable to go online for more than ten minutes at a time, so sorry about the lack of updates for y'all.

    I saw on the news two nights ago that Sega will discontinue production of Dreamcast games in two months and start making games for Nintendo. The remaining Dreamcast units, which have only sold 2 million units compared with N64s 6 million, will be sold off until the inventory is gone. Looks like Infogrames was rather wise in discontinuing the Dreamcast release of I-War II a few months back! Imagine all the time, money, and effort it saved...

    In addition, I've updated some stuff on the Official Words page with new info by both Steve Robertson and David Skelton.   Besides those bits up there, beta-test lead John Hart said a few days ago that "At this point, we have a version of the multiplayer-only code that looks pretty good. If it stands up to in-house testing for the rest of the week, it is quite possible that the online test will begin next week."

As you can see, January 2001 news has been archived. Ok, now it's time to go back to bed [again]...

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