December 27, 2001-

   Alright, getting back to the news...

    I-War II has won Gamespot's Space Sim of the Year for 2001! Check it out.

December 23, 2001-

   Yet another death yesterday...and a pet is dying. I think I'm going to take a break from the site for a day or so...

December 21, 2001-

   I'm caught up in funeral arrangements, so time is still sparse. However, the good folks at Particle Systems have offered this very nice Christmas card.

    Happy Holidays!

December 19, 2001-

    I apologize for the lack up updates, but my grandmother is in the final days of her life and the phone line has had to remain free, so I have not had the chance to go online and actually look for news for a few days. I had a chance to briefly connect, so I'm using the time to inform you all of the reason why there has been no news.

December 12, 2001-

   Particle System's Stephen Robertson has released the Free Form Mode mod! This mod allows you to roam throughout the systems of I-War II after finishing the game, pirating as much as you want. Click here to download the 23kb mod. Check out this thread for more information. Gamespot also has a brief newsbit about the mod.

    Steve also made these comments today about gaming in response to an article by renowned hothead and egomaniac Derek Smart, the creator of space-sim BCM3k. The article was somewhat modified by Smart after a few pointed, intelligent, and civil letters were sent to him. It should be noted that Steve was not directly replying to Smart, just commenting on game development. Here's the quote:

It's time to restate my 'fishing' theory of game design.  
To catch a fish you need both bait and a hook.
You won't attract a fish (gamer) unless you have bait (great graphics).
You won't keep the fish if you don't have a hook (great gameplay).
So you need both great graphics and great gameplay to get people to play your game and keep playing it.

December 7, 2001-

   Today is the 60th anniversary of the infamous day in American history: the attack on Pearl Harbor. Recently, my country and my city has been plagued with the equally (if not more) deliberate and deadly attacks that occurred on September 11. To close the book on it so that maybe I won't think about it for a while, I've put my mind on the subject into a Macromedia Flash tribute to the September 11, but more from my perspective, so it's oriented towards the World Trade Center and New York in general. It's called "Everloving".

    Adam Kieffer, of Lone Cougar Productions has been kind enough to host the file for me. It is a 3.1MB zipped file. Your computer will need to be compatible with Flash 4 or higher in order to view the movie. Comments are welcome at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page. Click here to download Everloving. Thank you for your time.

December 5, 2001-

    Serbius3, a fairly new member to the I-War community, has made some things to help modders. Check out this thread for details. They could be pretty useful. Thank you, Serbius!

    Remember to check out Duncan Day's Out in the Cold, an I-War I fanfic story.

    Finally, don't forget about the Buda5 I-War II Site! :-)

    November 2001 News is in the Archives.

December 1, 2001-

   Give me a few days to archive this stuff and put up some summaries...

    Thanks to Merciful, who found yet another review at The game got an 85%.