December 30, 2000-

   FAMS has made an I-War images section at his site, so I urge you to check it out.

    Also, anyone who needs a good scripting utility or wants another one for their collection can go to Nanoprobe's Website and download his second version of Nanoscripter at a sixth of its original size. He also has a new Pic Of The Day, submitted by FAMS.

    It is most likely that this is my last news update of the year 2000 and, for the picky ones out there, the last of the millennium. While I am only 15 years old, the year 2000 has been the most exciting of my life. I feel like I have done so many things, felt so much happiness and exhilaration, and learned so much that this year has proved itself to be wonderful in my eyes. I hope that the New Year sees you all well and I'll see you on the other side of time. :-)

December 29, 2000-

   I just discovered a new forum- a dedicated Infogrames Edge of Chaos forum! Well, I think it's pretty stupid and I'll bet no one is going to move to this new one to accommodate new fans, but I am posting a thread on the regular forum to see what people think. :-)

December 28, 2000-

   FAMS has re-modeled his site, proclaiming this site and Nano's as the influences of the new design. He plans to work on the site as I-War II comes out, so that it can be dedicated to the sequel. Check it out, at Enter Sol Industries.

December 27, 2000-

   Again, sorry that this news is late, but the board crash and all...well, The Buda5 Team has given us all a special Christmas gift of The Buda5 Holiday Mission Pack. I'll just quote JohnCS on the I-War board:

Heres a little Christmas present from the Buda 5 Team: The Buda 5 Holiday Mission Pack. (For those who don't know Buda 5 is a Babylon 5 mod for Independence War - website ). This is a self contained package with installer (all you need is Defiance or the patched version of Independence War) containing three missions:

Eve Patrol - A special Christmas Treat
Raider Preview - A glimpse of things to come from the raider campaign
Endgame - A treasure from the Buda 5 Vault

These missions lack some of the bells, whistles and voice of a full Buda 5 campaign, however we're releasing them as a sign of appreciation for those that have followed our work.

    Vesper, myself, and now anyone who wishes to write can do so with the "What If" Part II,  located here. Vesper and I only ask that you:

1. You read the first story before writing.

2. Please use spelling/grammer checks.

3. Do not do anything earth shattering, like suddenly end the war and find the cure for the virus.

    Also, if it's really important, I have reached 3000 posts with my message board username since I re-registered after a crash last January. So, 3000 posts in a little under a year...well, that's all for today. :-)

December 26, 2000-

   I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas if you celebrated. Again, thanks to Nano for having enough time on his hands to fiddle around and type in and actually find a site! Nano thinks that there is some outside interest in I-War from Gamespy, but I am less optimistic of their intentions. I think that they just registered this domain and others such a and included feedback e-mail addresses to see if there was interest in the game or anyone wanting to become part of their network. However, it is always interesting to see what's out there!

    In other news, the Infogrames Community seems to be down for Independence War (at least, I haven't checked other forums), so I guess the spread of news is limited to the active pages such as this one and Nano's.

    Finally, I can't help but notice that fewer people are coming over in the last two weeks. I suppose it's because of the holidays, so if you are away, want to check up on some I-War news, and can't remember this Geocities URL, just remember that will always bring you here.

December 24, 2000-

   Sorry, I kept on forgetting to post this info. Thanks to Nano for asking Steve of Particle Systems about I-War II workstations. Steve replied that there will not be workstations as we knew them in I-War, but rather a single station with a HUD that will display NAV, WEP, END, & COM sections.

    Also, check out this thread on the community, where Vesper and I are continuing the "What if" story from last spring/summer. Alex Steele is back! :-)

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a solemn Ramidan to those whom it applies to. :-)

December 23, 2000-

   Hello everyone! As I-War II begins to gather interest, more and more new members are joining the board with some older ones returning, such as TwoHours, the winner of FAMS' I-War Scripting Contest.

    There isn't much news to report, however I have updated my FAQ based on a question asked on the Infogrames Board.

    Well, I hope that all those who it applies to are enjoying the holiday season, and you should know that I am making another push at finishing my Exodus mission soon.

December 21, 2000-

   After a year-and-a-half hiatus, Tecnocrat6400, creator of the [legendary] CMD station is back and here to stay for a while! He plans to make a new, better site once I-War II comes out and the Infogrames team can look forward to his feedback come the I-War II beta test. A big "welcome home" to Technocrat!

    I also notice that site visitage is down from the all-time October high. So, if anyone has any ideas of things that will spice the site up, feel free to mail me.

Just lost a game of pool in the weirdest way...oh, and if anyone ever sees an arcade game called "18-wheeler", play it!

December 19, 2000-

   Anyone who would like to reach long-time I-War expert Admiral Brett can now e-mail him at Also, I urge you all to check out Greb's new I-War site-in-progress Raven Command at I have been giving Greb some tips and I hope to see his site realize its potential in the near future.

December 17, 2000-

= = = = = = = = = = = = =LATER= = = = = = = = = = = = =

   Lots of news this week! First, FAMS has announced that Sol Industries is back in business. While there isn't any new news he has, it's good to know that the site is up.Check it out at

    Also, Vesper contacted me to say that she plans to write the fourth part of her story Treachery of Kings. So, we'll all be entertained soon! To add to that, I plan to do my best to finish FAMS' Exodus mission over the upcoming winter break.

    In addition, the Webster crossed 9000 hits a few days ago! It seems like only a short while ago that I announced the 8000th mark and as I write this, the number is approaching 9100. So thank you all for the support, it really makes the difference.

December 17, 2000-

   The I-War II beta test is up and running at Feel free to register, they are aiming for 1000-2000 North American testers. Note that, if you live in Canada, put 99999 in the "Zip Code" field.

    Also, I decided to play Confusion today and aim for a perfect score. I missed it when I tried twice in the morning, then I came home tonight to try it and actually did it! I have posted some screenshots up for your viewing pleasure, you can check them out:

Final Score-    What score I got

Incoming COSA Vessels!-     Just when I was about to finally get one of those damn COSA corvettes, someone shot me from behind :-(

Die, Birmingham, die!-     I helped my wingmen to pound it before ordering them to halt while I finished it off with some fresh Sniper PBC shots. Unfortunately, that's the only destroyer I got.

    Now, I had to have cheats on to take the screenshots and I understand that that is rather suspicious. So, trust me if you want to and don't if you feel I am dishonest. But I am very very proud!

December 16, 2000-

   Lots of news for today...first off, Nanoprobe has moved his website! You can now find at Nano's new host is reliable and dedicated and he plans to re-model the site soon. Check it out.

    In addition, a Mr. Hart of Infogrames is organizing a North America Beta testing effort. So, if you live in North America and wish to be a beta tester, sign up soon at

December 14, 2000-

   Sorry that some of this news is a little late. interviewed Particle Systems' Michael Powell and I-War II programmer Will Vale about the upcoming game. The interview contains more detailed info about multiplayer:

The multiplayer component to the game is intended to be easy to get into and have fun with, as opposed to being solely composed of complex missions. We have a Quake-style drop-in-and-frag DeathMatch, and some innovative TeamMatch scenarios.

For power gamers, the multiplayer game is highly modifiable using Flux's scripting language, so they can create their own multiplayer scenarios and drop them into the game, as well as distributing mods in standard .ZIP files over the internet. I expect we'll see some interesting user-created mods and missions after the game's release.

    Click here to see the interview.

    In other news, Nanoprobe's website is back online! For the moment, anyways...Nano is considering a new host, so we'll see what time will bring.

December 12, 2000-

   If anyone found some bugs with Commorant's Civilian campaign, they may be fixed now, to quite Comorant:

+In mission 1 and 3, the SPAWNSHIP Navy patcoms don't have Indie textures any more.
+In mission 3, the mission should now continue after rescuing the Navy ship, even if you aren't near the waypoint. (I replaced the WAIT_UNTIL NEARTO,... with a conditional branch)
+A nice hint for fun (mission 3): One of the pirates attacking the Navy ship will go after you at all cost - it's great fun to lead it to saltlake base and watch it being blasted by salty and a number of patcoms...

   Comorant is also working on his 4th mission, he expects it to be ready sometime soon. His website is at

December 11, 2000-

   Thanks to Particle System's Stephen Robertson for informing us about an un-finished "docking cam" in Defiance and Nanoprobe for somehow previously knowing the necessary keys. :-)

    Basically, I figure that the guys at PS wanted to fulfill those requests for manual docking and so tried to implement a docking camera. This camera view is (when playing as the Spartacus) from the top docking point on the ship. The ship controls are altered beyond confusion and so far I can't seem to get a manual dock to work from this view (although it is possible from other views). Defiance users can check out the docking view with LEFT SHIFT + F5 and toy around. Try using the view to dock with the STC in "Switcheroo".

December 10, 2000-

   Special thanks to The Merciful for finding this announcement that PCGamer UK will be publishing I-War II material next month. If anyone with access to the magazine would like to summarize the article, you are welcome too. In addition, Spaceman (I-War/Homeworld mod) is asking for someone with ability to use the I-War texture utility to extract some textures for his mod. If you are interested, you can post in this thread.

    I hope you all had a good December 7th. Yes, that was an anniversary date of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Personally, I was starting out a two day backpacking trip in the freezing cold. If you want to hear about it, funny moments, stupid actions, cold feelings, and all, check out my little narrative on the misc page, or just click right here. Feedback is welcome.

December 6, 2000-

   James Moore of Particle Systems has announced the opening of Edge of at This new site contains numerous information of the upcoming release and also, disappointingly, announces a later release date of April 2001. Besides a more detailed explanation of the political and technological climate of the time, the site also releases a Screenshot of the Day, news updates, and (finally) system requirements for the new game. The requirements are as follows:

• Windows 95 or Windows 98
• Intel Pentium II 300
• 250 MB hard disc space - 64 MB RAM
• 3D Accelerator Card – 4MB on board memory – REQUIRED
• 4X CD-ROM Drive [450k/sec sustained transfer rate]
• DirectX 7.0 compatible Sound card
• DirectX 7.0
• Mouse + Win 98 compatible Joystick - NOT REQUIRED
• Modem – 28,8KB – for Multiplayer

    It looks as if the Flux graphics engine will require some sort of video card, so I guess the days of software/hardware woes and spoiled people not playing the game because they can't use their video cards are over. :-) If you choose to access the site from the front page, I suggest that you click on the "International Enhanced" page if you have Flash and "International Lite" if you don't.

    The following links are some interesting pages that you will want to see:

+ Detailed explanation of political and technological climate of the time. Also mentions role of Jefferson Clay.

+ Screenshot of the day

+ General info

    Check out some of those Flash sequences!

    By the way, I am going on a two day outdoor backpacking trip run by my school from tomorrow afternoon to Saturday afternoon. For any of you who live in the North East of the United States and know how brutally cold it is (expected to be an even 0F this weekend), no I'm not crazy. It's a grade requirement. :-) The best part is that we're not allowed to set up any camp fires. Talk about f*cking hibernation...

December 5, 2000-

   Special thanks to jorlando for bringing it to my attention that the original theme for Independence War is not available on the Independence War website. However, he and Majir found it at FAMS' Sol Industries. You can download it by clicking here (5MB). He also has what I believe to be the full I-War II theme here. If you want the climactic portions of the IWDE and I-War II trailers, you can find them in the Downloads -> Other section labeled as the "Action Themes". Enjoy!

    Crossing the 8800th hit mark, plenty of people are visiting! I suspect that more people are checking out the I-War fanpages listing on the website, as many visitors are being directed from there. Well, fear not! The Edge of Chaos is near! :-)

December 2, 2000-

   Well, it's December so all of the November news is in the November 2000 news archive. The Infogrames board has crashed, so we'll just have to wait to find out what's going on.

    I remember that there were some news items I wanted to tell y'all about, however they were on the board and obviously I can't find them. Wait, I think I remember that Comorant uploaded some new missions. Check out and take a look. Also, Nanoprobe's page is still down as Tripod is screwing him over. Nano apologizes.

    Otherwise that's it...