December 26, 1999-

  My second mission is complete after three days. This mission involves the same COSA corvette "COSA 19703", and I guess this has turned into a series of missions. The new one is called "Peeping COSA" and yes, you have to spy and reply to your superiors (OK, bad rhyme). This also could explain why that COSA vessel was at the Mettalake incident. So, download and enjoy at the downloads page, under "missions".

December 23, 1999-

   I finally made my first mission! It's called "Take Back What You Give- COSA Plays Nasty", and I'm sure you can guess what it's about. So, please download at the downloads's page under missions. Click here to go right to the section.

December 22, 1999-

   While this is old news, check out The Starship Repulse for some neat interviews of I-War developers Stephen Robertson and Glyn Williams.

December 08, 1999-

   There is a mission I am in the process of making, and this is the trailer. It is nice and small, so check the movies section and download!

December 1, 1999-

   I have made a new movie featuring the Spartacus, UNO, and YOTD (Year of the Dragon). It's a quicky, at 1.8 MB, so check out the movies section of my downloads page.

November 27, 1999-

   I have updated my "other" section of the downloads page to include Entropy's Mission Launcher, the Defiance Screensaver, and Indie's Ship Creator. So, check it out- these are some fun downloads!

November 25, 1999-

   The message forum, after a little more than a year, has moved locations. The Independence War forum came out on top, with 1400 posts. Personally, I made 1406 posts and we had AdmiralBrett make something near 1420 and McDuff even more with his various user names! Congrats and thank you all for such a great I-War fanbase! :-)

    The new I-War forum is reachable by clicking here. So, farewell to the old, and welcome to the new.

November 20, 1999-

    The previous templates were proving to be unreliable, incompatible, and the site looked all wrong when loaded with Netscape, or a high-resolution screen. So I'm moving to the more traditional page, with frames and all. Right now the site doesn't have much of a graphical appeal but that will change after some time, as soon as I figure out what to do to make it look cooler.

November 06, 1999-

   So, what do you think of the new look? I got board with no where to go one night, so I fooled around with making a webpage with the NAV image. I liked it, and two days later...voila! The page might be faster loading, but I'm not sure yet. The links and downloads are updated, but the content of the pages are the same. The site is IE compatible only (well, if you're reading this, then you've figured) so sorry :o.

October 25, 1999-

   I took a look at the Independence War website only to find that a new Defiance site is up! I spotted it first! Whoohooo! Anywhoo, go to for all the Defiance fun! :-)

October 17, 1999-

   After experimenting with ways to make the UNO turret setup, I decided to make a movie out of it. The UNO attacks an unsuspecting cruiser, and it all looks pretty good! If you look closely, you can see how the turrets can not be set up without the guns hitting the UNO.

Check the movies section, on the downloads page.

October 13, 1999

   Feeling the the Defiance mood, I did a quick snap-together of some important Defance ships. The three most important Independent Vessels have some nice screen shots and some text effects, something that I've been experimenting with. Check the movies secion of my downloads page.

September 25, 1999-

   The last movie was characterized by poor direction, so I have re-made my Q-Ship vs. Thunderchild movie. Check the "movies" section on the downloads page.

September 9, 1999-

    I have made a movie depicting my Q-Ship Grundig Majestic battling the Thunderchild. It's not my best, but it's not that big. Check my downloads page under the "movies" section.

September 7, 1999-

   After a few hours at the computer, I have mimicked the Q-Ship used in the Defiance mission "Misdirection". You can download the script and get more information at the downloads page under the "Other" section.

September 6, 1999-

    Dreadnaught's Page has been re-released! I have rid of the pictures from my old page that made loading time excessive. I have also updated links and downloads, and combat guides. The new stories will be uploaded as soon as they are finished, but I am not sure how soon that will be. They need a bumping :-)

   The major new feature of the "Dreadnaught's Independence War Page" Mk. 3 is the Op-Ed section. This is a simpler version of the message board, where people can post their own topics and comment on them. In some cases, we can host specific topics away from the Infogrames eye without censorship ;-P

    Let the good times roll!