August 31, 2000-

   Well, summer is now winding down. School starts in a week for me so I have to prepare for all of that...

   Due to some other board members posting up pictures of themselves, I have put some up of me! They are organized into a sort of slideshow page. The pictures are mostly new, so check them out. You can find the link on the Misc page or by clicking here.

   The tinkering of FAMS has resulted in the discovery of a secret official I-War II site. Simply go to and check it out. While we're not quite sure what Particle Systems plans to do with the URL, it's an interesting find.

   You should all know that I have begun to start the alterations to this website. You will all see a new color theme, better news archives, and some new additions to the misc section that I'm arranging.

August 29, 2000-

Vurt, of the Starship Repulse had found a new preview for I-War II. Included are six new screenshots, some of them new. While only three are tumbnailed, you can access the remaining three by clicking on the "Next" button on the upper left corner of each screenshot preview pane. The article is located at

August 27, 2000-

I invite you all to check out this thread that I started. This states the outlines of an I-War training mission that I plan to start when I get back this Friday. The focus of the mission will be combat training along with other useful game training such as rapid docking and stealth. I invite comments. I also plan to fix the damn news page when I get back, so fear not.

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, Nanoprobe's webpage has been down for a number of days recently. He has informed me that he is unable to connect with his tripod server and is aware of the site problems. He is working on the problem as best he can and should have the problems resolved in the next few days. In addition, FAMS is making his second move back to his beloved University of Cardiff. This means that his site will not be updated for a few days or so.

In the wake of some recent message board discussions, you should all know that I intend to scan in some photos of me when I get back. I will then upload them to a small slide-show style webpage for you all to see. So...well...yeah. Again, sorry to all about the disasterous state of my news page, and I assure you that it will be fixed.

August 25, 2000-

Found a pretty good preview of I-War 2 from Daily Radar. Included are some compliments about the upcoming Flux graphics engine, some new and very good screenshots, and a promise that this game is "massive". What does the writer of the article mean by "massive"? Well, there will be 30-40 different types of weapons out there for the taking alongside a 60-mission campaign in which the missions are picked up along the way during the free-roaming aspect of the gameplay. Missions will be rejectable, notwithstanding those that are required to push along the storyline. Check it out at

August 24, 2000-

Sorry about some of the messed up colors on this update to the news page. At the moment, I am on vacation for a week in upstate New York with my family. So, having to resort to an old laptop with only Microsoft Word as my editing tool (notepad gets crazy with a complicated news page like this), things are a little weird. Nevertheless, I am still online and available and the news will keep coming.

In the meantime, I would like to make a request to all of you out there that visit this page: I have decided that I really have to keep up with things and update the layout of the page. What I am asking you all to do is to send me suggestions for how you think I should change the page. Or at least tell me what's wrong with the current site. Is it too hard to read? Are the download pages confusing? Does it take too long to load the site? Is the font crappy?

If you have a comment about anything, please please mail it to me. My plans for the moment are to make a decorated tree-style navbar and change the overall color scheme of the page, perhaps moving away from the black background to...well, that's what I want your help with. So, please, mail anything to me at Thank you all in advance and I promise to respond to every e-mail sent. :-)

August 10, 2000-

   For the past few months, Vesper and I have been on and off writing a story. While I was away, Vesper finished this narrative and it is now available for all to read. It is called "What if?". The theme of the story is an account of what could happen if the Dreadnaught failed to stop President King, leading to a long war between the New Commonwealth and the Alliance. We have left room for a sequel, so expect one. :-) For the moment, however, check out the Stories Index or just click here for the "What if?" story.

August 8, 2000-

Later- Maintenance workers for Verizon Telephone (formally Bell Atlantic) have been on strike for two days now. Several phone systems have been sabotaged and others have simply broken, with no one to fix them. Verizon is our local provider. So, if I miss a day or two of updates and e-mails, fear not. :-) It's very temporary, as the strike should be over soon.

   I came to the site today, took a look at the counter and saw that the hits had reached over 6000! Thank you all for your support for this site and a special thanks to the person who came to this site from the missions page. They are the one who made the 6000th hit. This site has been up for almost a year and a half with two different URLs, however it only became a really useful site little more than a year ago. It has been an honor making this site and watching it grow, and I hope that it will be helpful to I-War fans for many years to come.

August 7, 2000-

Later- I have gotten two complaints that the zip file for the interactive slideshow give error messages when someone attempts to unzip them. If this is happening to you, try changing the file name and then unzipping. If the problem persists, please e-mail me with the error message displayed and I'll see what I can do. However, I have download-tested the file myself and it works fine, so I am sorry for any problems.


   Got the stitches taken out today, no problem. A little messy when they took off the bandage that had gotten stuck to the cuts, but didn't hurt.

    About a month and a half ago, I decided to compile some Independence War II screenshots into an interactive slideshow. I finished the project, but never released it. However, at the urgings of Stone and other Infogrames board members, I have decided to release it! The files are processed through a program I found that will show the screenshots I have chosen and display a caption under them. I feel that these shots are good examples of what to see in Independence War II. The file is a 1.8 MB Zip file, and it can be downloaded by clicking here.

August 6, 2000-

    Sorry for being gone for the weekend, but I had to go somewhere for a few days. I may also be gone next weekend, but I'll tell you before I go. I got the pictures back from my France trip and they are really great! I'll pick out a few to scan in once I find a friend of mine with a scanner (not bloody likely). Most of them with me in them are after the car accident, with me pointing to the wounds. Well, you can enjoy them when they come. Speaking of that car accident, we got some of the police reports from France in the mail. Turns out that the driver of the car was going an even 70 km/h (42.3 m/h), so it was a lot faster than I originally thought. Nevertheless, I get the stitches off my arm tomorrow, so all is well. Special thanks to the people who, reading this news page, were kind enough to mail good wishes to me.

    Back on topic now, a message board post by Nanoprobe to Particle Systems' Steve Robertson about I-War II scripting has revealed that the new scripting language will be structured much like the C programming language. So, any C programmers who have not taken up I-War scripting to date may have a cool advantage when the new game comes out :-)

August 3-4, 2000-

   If anyone would like to mirror FAMS for webspace (can't be me or they nab my account), please contact him.

    Currently, I am working on a scripting project for FAMS that will involve the Thunderchild. However, I plan to unveil another scripting idea in the next few days. It is going to involve a very different type of warfare that I hope will be new and fresh to us. You'll see in a few days. :-)

    BTW, if anyone playing Planetarion has an opinion about it, please e-mail me so I can consider joining for the second round. :-)

August 2, 2000-

   Okay, here is a brief compiling of news, etc that I've found. I'll present them in list form, just because that's easier:

+ The Infogrames forum has undergone yet another major change. Due to Infogrames take-overs, the board has been merged with that of the other boards relevant to the new Infogrames titles. The new location of the Independence War Message Board is Unfortunatly, HTML is turned off on the new board and many regulars have had to re-register. It takes some getting used to, but the community is intact and very much alive. We're just a little quiet this summer :-)

+ Nanoprobe celebrated his 16th birthday July 25, so a belated Happy Birthday to him. In addition, Brett celebrated what I believe to be his 16th birthday on August 1, so I'm hoping if we all yell out congrats to him really loud at the same time, he'll hear it. One...two...

+ Nanoprobe released Nanoscripter, a multi-featured scripting utility. I am trying to download right now, but the tripod servers are a little messed up. However, I'll describe it more when I see it for myself. Download by clicking here.

+ FAMS has changed SoL Industries from the harsh green of COSA to a pretty blue, which I think looks great. So, check 'em out by clicking the aforementioned green link.

+ I have changed McDuff's link to the proper Lone Cougar Productions link. Check it out. Thanks to the kind person who e-mailed me about the error on my links page.

   And I think that's it. I plan to write up my essay about France and the pictures will be developed tommarow. I'll see if I can find a scanner to put some up. Enjoy!

August 1, 2000-

   Guess whose back! As I'm sure you are aware, the Infogrames board has been merged with another board as a result of some Infogrames take-overs. While I plan to write up all about what was the best and most exciting summer in my life to date in a separate essay, it's going to be a little slow starting up again. You see, two days before the end of the trip, I was hit by a Renault going at about 50 km/h (30 m/h I believe). I'm not hurt that badly, but I got a lot of glass and stitches in my arms, legs, and managed to punch a hole in the guy's winshield along with shattering the rest of it. The best part is that I was only wearing a bathing suit at the time, so the cuts are a little deep. I bled a lot, but the interesting thing is that I rolled off the hood, ran across the street I was trying to traverse in the first place but then ran back to the driver to ask if he was okay.

    Nevertheless, it's hard to type and keep up with all the changes. So, give me some time and I'll get back on track. Despite the last-minute accident, I had such a great summer, it's beyond words. But, again, I'll talk about that separatly :-) My French is better, though!