April 26, 2001-

   Stomped has a new I-War II Preview available, check it out by clicking here. The game is 97% complete, though the premiere demo is expected to be released in 8 weeks.

    Heh, check out this website with the credits under "Additional Voices" for the book-based 1995 computer game "Dinotopia". Some of you might remember the book from when you were younger.

    That's right! When I was 10 I was paid $75 to do some voiceovers for the game. I completely forgot about it until a friend of mine stumbled on it while searching for my name in an attempt to find this website, which my Computer Literacy teacher (required course, ugh) told everyone that I had a website. He was trying to encourage people to learn HTML. After all, if Eric can do it, why can't the rest of you do it, right? Yeah, I don't want to hear it guys, stop laughing! It's just a website! Damn, my secrets are revealed...:-)

April 25, 2001-

   A funny little picture, made by icarus333, of the Drive-Thru of the Future. ;-) Click here to view it.

    Not much else to report on that I can think of....I've update my Info section to include my new age as well as a re-spelling of my original Polish family name after learning the correct version a few days ago.

April 23, 2001-

    A little trick which helped me a lot, someone posted on the INA boards a way to speed up Internet Explorer. It's really great, not too hard to do, and worth it. Check it out by clicking here or by going through the misc page.

     Colin Ford, of the Phoenix Nest, has added himself to the Community Charter.

    On a side note, if you have any relatives who came to the United States from 1898 - 1924, you can try to find their records of arrival at http://www.ellisislandrecords.org/. I found my great grandfather, it was pretty cool. Check it out.

    Oh, and a big welcome back to Duffy! Duffy also reached his 666th post, as shown in this re-enactment:

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Also, Vesper informed me of Jimbocop's descent to the underworld about a month ago. However, I only got around to putting it up now:

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    Each of these sinners will go strait to hell, though Jimbo will get extra inferno for ditching for so long. :-D

April 22, 2001-

   Craig Clark, creater of those beautiful I-War renders, has an archive set up! Check it out at http://www.cg-domain.com/cnv-301.htm.

    Particle System's Stephen Robertson gave ATFW some comments on how he feels about the Beta Test so far. He also mentions that there have been over 15,000 downloads so far! Check it out by clicking here.

    Site went by 14,000 hits last night...

April 21, 2001-

    Hope you all enjoyed your 4/20. :-P

    First off, GamesDomain.com has a new preview I-War II that is believed to be based on a later pre-release of the game. This is determined from mention of the "bomb tag" multiplayer mode that has been found in the community's poking and prodding of the I-War II beta. Click here to check it out.

    Next, special thanks to the mysterious ThreeSixty, who came to the INA forums with a new solution for players trying to run the original Independence War on their GeForce-enabled machines. This fix allows you to play the game without having to re-boot, as some are required to do in some cases. Check out the GeForce fixes at the "Technical Help" of the FAQ Page.

    Finally, there are a dozen stunning new I-War II shots taken with a Riva card, available here.

April 19, 2001-

   Again, sorry about the lack of updates, but most people are just messing with the I-War II Beta LAN mode, which I hear is quite good. I'm considering attempting a download this weekend. A note: There is no I-War II Demo! Only a Beta! Just that people have been coming to the forums in frustration at the demo which requires a password authentication.

    If you want to check out a somewhat powerful image from the new game, try this one. See what happens when you exceed the speed limit? :-)

    Someone mailed me about some broken movie links. I have not responded for lack of time to check all of the links, however at least one of the reported broken links (my large COSA 4 trailer) does have a warning that the movie has been indefinitely taken down for lack of space. However, I thank the sender for the tip and I will check up on it all.   

    Finally, I-War community member "Corporate" is off for a few weeks to get married and go on his honeymoon! Congrats and best wishes to Corporate!

April 15, 2001-

   2:45 AM this morning marked the 89th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, which went down with 1,522 lives.

    Sorry for not updating the news much, it's kinda been a wild weekend. I can't remember if there were other things I wanted to post, so I'll put up more later if there's anything. But here's one bit

    Nanoprobe has found a way to set up I-War II LAN servers with the Beta, even if you have not been accepted into the beta test. Check it out by going to his LAN Server Setup Page.

    Apparently, there is a new full Beta version up, another 70MB version accessible by clicking here. If you already downloaded, you can simply use the "check for updates" section in the IW2 Beta shortcut folder.

    Nanoprobe has done some poking around with I-War and found these points:

- The program database (debugging info) for Independence War 2's loader. This could be useful if anyone ever decided to hook the game to do something we can't do (which I doubt will ever happen :-)).

- An executable called mappack, which refuses to run. (Complains of a missing something or other in flux.dll.)

- And the best for last - an executable called pc. Running it explains it's purpose - a POG compiler. :-)

This appears to link straight into compiler.dll to do the work, and just looking at the available switches for the compiler suggests that the craploads of PKG files in I-War 2's root folder are packaged and compiled POG scripts. Neato. :-)

Of course, credit goes to Nano because most of this is ripped off his news page anyways. :-o

Oh, and this final bit (my own, kinda):

    Stephen Robertson commented that processor speed won't be as crucial to running the game as RAM and graphics capacity. His 400Mhz PII runs I-War II great with 256MB of memory and a GeForceDDR

April 10, 2001-

   Hello everybody, welcome to the 100th day of the year 2001! :-)

    Firstly, a new modeler and I-War artist, Craig Clark, has emerged on the scene, presenting some of his stupendous I-War related work. Here are the great, high-quality pics that he has shown so far:

+ Salvage (1024 * 1200)      + Pasties away!   
+ Underside + Pasties away! (2)
+ Dreadnaught Profile + Dreadnaught Profile (2)
+ Dreadnaught Profile (3)

    Also of interest is this screenshot from the I-War II Multiplayer Beta, showing the selection of ships.

    Stephen Robertson made some informative comments on the Multiplayer also:

There are currently four Multiplayer scenarios, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Bomb Tag.

These are what we've been able to implement in the time available - remember we have a huge (and I mean REALLY huge) single player game to finish, as well as Multiplayer, so we've put in as many scenarios into the Multiplayer as we've had time to do.

Since the Multiplayer scenarios are completely scriptable you could in theory script just about any scenario you like. It's very, very flexible. So consider the current Multiplayer scenarios a base from which to build upon.

    Finally, thanks to Antiriad for scanning an article about the I-War II intro trailer that was the cover story of the May 2001 CGI Magazine. The article contains some intro spoilers, so be warned! The reviewer gives high marks to the animation, but doesn't quite give credit to the characters. I guess I'll just have to wait to make my own opinion. You can download the scan by clicking here (1.43MB).

April 6, 2001-

   Some more news on the Beta, Mr. Hart informed us that the Beta will be weekly updated for review in 2-10MB patches.

   Thanks to Merciful for finding this IW2 article, which not only lists the release date as June 15, but also mentions an Instant Action mode and an intuitive tutorial! In addition, the combat is said to be reminiscent of Babylon 5, so I hope that'll tingle those who watch that show.

    In addition, this article found by Tyr on the official Infogrames website backs-up the most recent figures of the release date as this June.

April 5, 2001-

   Sorry for not updating since my stupid April Fools joke (you do know it was a joke, right? :-)). Here's the news:

    First, John Hart posted this about the Beta:

    The download has been encrypted with C-Dilla. The main reason for this is to make sure you download the new version every week. We're going to be putting a new version on the website to download every Wednesday or Thursday (we haven't decided yet which), and we want to make sure everyone is playing with the latest version.
This week, the "new version" will be the same version, but will refresh the C-Dilla license.

    We intend to approximately triple the number of people with access to the site today. This will still only bring us up to 3-4% of the total number of beta testers that we will eventually want.
The main purpose of the testing right now, actually, is to try to make sure that the web site and servers are working correctly. As we gain more confidence of this stuff, we will ramp up the number of people in the beta test.

    Mr. Hart also said that the European Beta is getting reved up, so hopefully we can see that soon. For webmasters such as myself who have been pre-accepted into the Beta Test or those who have been accepted that wish to use an alternate download server, the Beta download can be reached at this Infograme FTP link. However, you need a keycode to run the beta, so only if you have been accepted for the Beta can you actually play the game.

    In addition, subscribers to the edgeofchaos.net mailing list got info on a sneak-peak of an I-War II trailer. Well, it's an old, so don't bother.  :-)

    Nanoprobe has an approximate I-War II counter and "breezed" past 20,000 hits ;-) Congrats to Nano!

    Finally, March news has been archived.

April 1, 2001-

   After some Beta-Related posts by Infogrames employees pretending to be selected Beta Testers, the true situation has been reavealed, and what a shock! Independence War II: The Edge of Chaos has been released!!

    Particle Systems has informed the community that they actually finished most of the game around New Years, when the cnacellation of the Dreamcast version gave them more resources (staff-wise) to complete the game by the second deadline of the end of March. This being April 1, I don't think they did a bad job! Check out this copy of the official press-release that I copied over here.

   The game should be in stores by the end of the month.