August 9, 2002-

   Well, there hasn't been much to update about these past few months, and I've been away for a good deal of time. And I'm about to go away tomorrow as well. Mostly I'm home now working on college applications and such, getting ready for Senior year. I'm also working on some one-year anniversary additions for my September 11 page. However, as far as this site goes, I've fixed some links in the Tactical section to get it working again. It seems both links on that main page went to the same thing. So there's been a "new" section up there for almost a year, but no one knew about it. Enjoy!

May 1, 2002-

   Hey there all, long time no see. :-) Just letting you all know that, due to Geocities maintenance, this site will be down over the weekend. I'll try to take that time to upload some new fanfic (if the author gives me permission). Any real updates will come in a month, when I'm off from school.

    In the meanwhile, I've made some additions to the bottom of my September 11 page.

March 25, 2002-

   Well, it appears a huge mod came out, so I felt that I should report it. I don't always keep up with mods, so if you have a big one that I didn't report on, sorry about that. :-o Associated Mods has created Assembly Mod, a new scenario/mod that greatly adds to the dimension of the I-War II universe. You can find the download at a direct (but slower) link or at I-War2.coms mods page. It's 19.2 MB, but, again, adds lots of stuff. Check out the readme at the INA thread started on it.

March 11, 2002-

   Six months ago today I woke up for one of the first days of school. Six months ago today I heard a plane flying low and fast. Six months ago today I saw fires larger than I may ever see. Six months ago today the lives of millions were changed. With remembrance, please visit my September 11 site.

March 10, 2002-

   Nanoprobe has sadly informed the I-War community that (link below) will be shut down on April 1. This is due to his host, Net Games, going offline. Nano feels he has too little time now and thus will not be finding yet another server for his website (this would be his third move). He will, however, continue to be part of the community at the forums, like me.

    So, go to the link below and bid farewell to

March 6, 2002-

   Just to give some advance warning, I am making a web page for the six-month anniversary of September 11 which I plan to unveil on Sunday, September 10, 2002. Just to give some advance warning, be sure to check back here that day to see it.

March 3, 2002-

   Not much to say, really. I suggest you check out the Official I-War Website and for the latest information on modding I-War II. The Mod community is growing steadily, there are some fun mods out there. One of them allows you to go to different stations and trade, making the game much more free-roaming.

February 10, 2002-

   Well, people keep coming here and others are asking me to keep the site going and still others are sending infrequent e-mail messages...I feel I should reward you with some kind of update. Alas, new sh|t continues to occur in my life, so these will be rare. The news I make since closing the site will be put into a new archive, accessible through the old archives button at the bottom of the page. I'm also considering spending some time during my spring break to finish an I-War mission (for I-War) that I stopped a while ago.

    There has been a burst of nostalgia for I-War over in the community. Many people are even saying they liked I-War more. :-) Petec has posted a 5.2MB Windows Media version of the 200MB original I-War intro. See how it all started! A permanent host for this file would be nice *wink wink, ye with large amounts of high-bandwidth space*

    Associated Mods has also made an EoC mod that allows you to fly as the Spartacus from Defiance! You get two PBCs, a sniper cannon, and a gattling cannon like old times. Just fly out with the command section. Click here to download and enjoy!

January 17, 2002-

   I said I would update for important news, and I think this is such a case. Particle Systems has been bought by Argonaut software for 2.4 million British pounds in addition to 3.5 million dollars in Argonaut shares. Click here for the official press release. There is no official word from Particle, however I would assume that the developer's relationship with Infogrames will end after the release of the PS2 Squad-Based Shooter "Exo."

    This newsitem will stay up for a while before being put into an archive for this periodic newsbursts.

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